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I woke up this morning in severe pain, once again I had succomb to the cheap dinner followed by cheap drinks that happens in Korea.I have been here for EVER. Nearly 22 months to be precise and I probably will be here another year, but thats it (thats what I keep telling myself anyway..just one more year to get that money saved) Where better else to see the world from anyway then from Asia?

We have decided to leave the draining, demanding and unreliable world of Private education and return to Public school for the school year September 2010. Which ofcourse means a long summer at home ..Yip,yip yipee!

A re-cap:

I began travelling after University in August 2005. I went to the great Continent of Australia. It is hard to remember all the amazing things I did, including staying at camper van sites and meeting wonderful people, Sky diving for the first (and last time) working as a bar maid and seeing wild dolphins at 7am swimming up to the shore!  

I travelled all over and hunger to get back to Darwin one day..it is just beautiful.

After Australia I went on to Galway, Ireland in which I spent a glorious summer, drinking and relaxing and working (not very hard) at Tesco in stock control. If you ever go somewhere and work in a supermarket try and get into stock control, carrying a remote around all day and counting stock is really the easiest job you'll do while having very little customer problems!

My first year in Korea was a Public school in 2007. It was a wondefully easy year in which I met some amazing people including my best friends and my boyfriend from Canada. I also went to Thailand and Cambodia which opened my eyes to the gloriously, relaxing side of Asia.

Currently in Changwon, South Korea, eager for the summer to see more of Canada with Jeremy, be home for a few months and then back to saving again!

For New year 2010 we went to Boracay , Philippines I cant say enough about this beautiful paradise. So I wont..not right now anyway ; )

Plans for the future....Back to Canada, New York, Thailand, Australia, Japan...im in love with it all... 

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