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I took a trip to Arizona with a friend of mine. We stayed on her Aunts farm during the day. The pictures I took were done with a disposable camera, I don't have a scanner so when I got them developed I just took pictures of them with my digital camera. Needless to say, the pictures don't do the place real justice. When we got there we visited a town built right on the side of a hill. I cant remember what the town was called but I remember it started with a 'J' and was an old mining town. When we got there we were really hungry so we got something to eat at this restaurant that was held up with support beams going out over a ledge. When I saw the view in the distance from the inside window I thought, this must be what the Grand Canyon will look like.
Boy was I wrong. The view WAS amazing, yes, but when we finally got to see the Grand Canyon I realized just what a big deal it was. Never before had I seen such a great hole. I kept repeating over and over. 'Oh my gosh, it's a big hole.' over and over. And though I realized I must have sounded like a broken record, and though I had known we were going to look at a big split in the ground, I had not been prepared for the sight which overcame me. The hole was indeed vast and overwhelming. To the point which no matter how many times someone could have told me how large it was, I would never have been prepared to take it all in. I was eager to get to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately my friends didn't feel the same way. I was quite ready to buy camping gear and hike down, but they preferred the comfort  of the farm.
So we went down as far as we could go, knowing we'd have to hike back out the same way we went in. On the way down we met people coming up. Some on mules and some wearing large back packs.  One girl we met actually said she lived inside the Canyon, and I could only think what an amazing home it must make. I thought perhaps it would be nice to live there for a month or two some time while I'm working on my books. What an inspiring place it was. Still, at the end of the day we had to go back, and even that was nice. After living in the big city for years getting out on a quiet farm to enjoy the peace and quiet is more than a relief. Besides, if we had gone to the bottom I would have missed that beautiful sun set, and you just cant see a good sun set like that with sky scrapers and a mountain of houses in your way. So I'm planning to go back to Arizona someday soon. Maybe I'll even make it to the bottom this time. I think maybe I'll just bring my stuff and camp right down in the canyon. Then perhaps I can get you a more descriptive experience. 
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Grand Canyon
photo by: Sunflower300