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My friend just wanted so much to keep his snowman he left it there until march

The weather is something you talk about when you've got nothing important to say. The weather is the ever so trivial chat that you can always have with a person. Well, weather can also make or break a trip (usually more breaking than making) but it Ciudad Juarez you needn't worry about such a trivial thing, because even if it does behave regalarly in a certain way, it can be unpredictable as hell.

So Juarez being a desert, has a very hot temperature during the summer to the point that our record high was on 1994(june) and it was of 45.5 °C. So in the winter we usually get cold temperatures, not so extreme but they are under  0 °C, our coldest temperature registered was way back on November 1962, -22.2 °C.

As I said before, our weather is usually unpredictable, we have oir rain season and our windy season but they appear at any point of the year.

Also add to this the fact that sometimes in winter it may be hot to the point that you could be walking outside with just a plain white t-shirt. Even if it is cold in winter, the fact that it can snow in here (in the desert) is less likely every year. However, there are still stories that tell about the old days when it snowed in mid may!

Just before I close this chapter about the weather I should tell you that you needn't worry about natural disasters in here (except floods probably) because we're away from the ocean, and also there's no way an earthquake or tornado can occur in here, we're surrounded by mountains. That's why in Mexico there's a phrase that says "a mi me hace lo que el viento a Juarez" or in english "it does to me what the wind does to Juarez" - nothing!

Finally I'll just post some pictures of the last time it snowed here in Juarez, and that was just in early january of this year. Of course there is also a picture I like, because it shows what a friend of mine did with the snow due to the fact we rarely get any snow here. Enjoy! 

itsallison says:
Haha! That is awesome! Who would've known! Who. would. have. known! Damn that is so cool. I wish it snowed over here
Posted on: Jun 13, 2007
ekthor says:
Hopefully the next time you're in town I'll have enough stuff here so you can at least have a decent time in Juarez.
Posted on: Jun 13, 2007
Vikram says:
I must spend more time in this city. The only time I ever come is for my US visa stamping!
Posted on: Jun 13, 2007
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