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Amado Carrillo

Well it can't all be flowers, chocolate, beer or sex... there's got to be a bad side to Ciudad Juarez so I've decided inaugurate this section by writing about one of the not so bad, yet bad things. The Juarez Cartel, drugs are not so bad you see...especially once you realize that money laundry businesses kind of support this city's economy.

The Juarez Cartel is a very powerful and famous drug trafficking based right here, in your favourite (yeah, sure) city, Ciudad Juárez. Though apparently (according to wikipedia) it has transformed into La Alianza Triangulo de Oro, or The golden Triangle Alliance, because the three leaders are from three different states in the north of Mexico: Chihuahua, Durango and Sinaloa.

It most famous leader was Amado Carrillo who died in 1997 when a plastic surgery got complicated. With Amado Carrillo at the helm, they were estimated to be bringing about 50% of the drungs in the US, making around $200 million dollars a week and in personal gain for him he had amassed around $25 billion dollars, so just make the math. On the bright side, I knew his son when I was in elementary school a very wealthy yet, simple and friendly lad.

Eric says:
Wow, crazy but interesting info! Must have been weird going to school with his son, bet nobody picked on him in school ;)
Posted on: Jun 26, 2007
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Amado Carrillo
Amado Carrillo