Tarahumara - Indigenous resident of Chihuahua

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The Tarahumaras are the indigenous people that inhabit in the state of Chihuahua. They call themselves Raramuri, which in their language would be something like "those with the light feet" and that makes reference to one of their oldest traditions: long distance running. Even if now they can be found all around the cities of Chihuahua, they mostly inhabit the southeast of the state. Since the arrival of Spanish explorers they retreated to the Sierra Madre Occidental, which is also known by us as the Sierra Tarahumara. Their current population has an estimate of 50,000.

Most of the Tarahumaras still have their classic clothing for which their known. Their shirts or blouses of bright colors, most of the time stamped with flowers.

Women use skirts, with very bright colors too and actually, they wear several skirts at the same time which makes them even more colorful. They also wear sandals which they've been making out of tires lately, and finally there is one of their most distinctive attires is their "Koyera" which is a head band they use to keep their hair in its place. A lot of times they might also be seen simply bare-footed.

Their religion distinguishes between the Raramuri and everyone else, and according to some leyend, they were condemned by God to be poor forever. This is to be taken as some sort of vow of poverty, and that explains why they live with the minimum necessary and why they won't accumulate wealth, they also value people way more than they value material things.


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