Chihuahua: its Sons, its Daughters and of course...the adopted ones

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It is weird that in this state, where apparently nothing happens, there are so many people to choose from as Outstanding Sons (and daughters...and anything inbetween) of Chihuahua. Some of these I didn't know where from here, you learn something new everyday right? We have lots of comedians here in Chihuahua, apparently we're funny people.

The Sons:

  • Agustín Melgar - Defender of the Nation at Chapultepec. Died as a young lad.
  • David Alfaro Siqueiros - Muralist and painter. Born in Camargo. UNAM has some of his murals.
  • Enrique Carbajal (Sebastián) - He makes sculptures out of geometrical shapes, uses mathematic equations. Made the sculture at Reforma in Mexico City.
  • Teófilo Borunda - Politician, Was ambassador and governor among other things.
  • Manuel Gómez Morín - Founder of PAN, one of the strongest political parties in Mexico.
  • José Fuentes Mares - Philosopher, Historian and Writer. My University gives an award with his name.
  • Pascual Orozco - One of them guys who started the Mexican Revolution.
  • Eduardo Nájera - Basketball player. Used to play for Dallas on the NBA, not sure what he's up to now.
  • Omar Chaparro - Comedian. Used to have a TV show.
  • Gilberto Gless - Comedian too. He makes impressions.
  • Caballo Dorado - Musical band that is kind of country. I don't like them.
  • Manuel ¨El Loco¨ Valdés - He's a comedian and quite famous on his time. Born in Ciudad Juarez.
  • Anthony Quinn - Actor born in Chihuahua. Need I say anything else?
  • Eddie Guerrero - WWE Wrestler.

The Daughters:

  • Consuelo Duval - Actress and Comedian. Has been on some famous Mexican TV shows.
  • Marisela Rodríguez (María Barracuda) - Musician and singer. I like her. Good songs.
  • Vanessa Guzmán - Model and Actress. Miss Mexico 1995.

Err... apparently we need more daughters. Donations anyone?

Next come our adoptive sons who, apparently, owe themselves to us.

The Adoptive Sons:

  • Ramón Valdés - Comedian. Don Ramon from El Chavo del 8.
  • Germán Valdés (Tin-Tan) - Comedian, apparently is a family thing. Grew up here in Ciudad Juarez.
  • Alberto Aguilera Valadez (Juan Gabriel) - Singer who grew up here in Juarez. Quite gay I must say.
  • Doroteo Arango (Francisco Villa) - Do I need to say anything about him? Really?
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