The Haverud Aqueduct was created by the famous canal builder Nils Ericson. Due to the special geological conditions at Haverud it was not possible to build an ordinary lock there.
Haverud Aqueduct
The rock was loose, the current was strong and the fall was too great. So Ericson had the brilliant idea of building an aqueduct instead. The aqueduct is a free-hanging bridge, where the water runs through a 33.5 metre long steel channel above the rapids. The steel plates are joined with 33,000 rivets. Thus far, not a single rivet has had to be replaced. Although the weather was lousy it was an amazing experience. We were lucky to witness a passenger boat passing the 3 locks to overcome the distance of 66 m from Lake Vänern to the aqueduct, then a fourth lock has to be passed before the boat arrives at the next lake. Although I'm not a technical freak I must accept the effort of Mr. Ericson :D

Next stop was Amal. On our way further north the car made some really strange noises. I didn't know what it was and I wanted to make sure it was nothing serious.
Haverud Aqueduct
We arrived Amal around noon and the only garage in town was closed for lunch break. So we had some time for sightseeing. I took the chance to buy a new memory card for my camera since the only one left was nearly full. It was very expensive. But as I always say: better expensive than missing.

After 1 hour the garage opend again and they weren't very happy to see me since I haven't had an appointment there. I discussed the problem with the owner and after a while he agreed to have a look at the car. You won't believe it or not the noises were gone. ***Grrrr*** I looked like a fool. I could nearly hear him wispering: "hysterical lady" and rolling his eyes. My thought: Murphy's law!!! Well, since the guy said the car is ok we drove away. You won't believe it we heard the noise several km later but after a while it was gone and was never heard again.

Somehow it was a strange trip ;)

Close to the village of Bengtsfors we found a cute campground close to a lake and we decided to stay there. Finding a place with solid soil wasn't easy but after a while we found one ;)