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Ready to hit the road!!

David and I stayed at Comfort Inn at Galt. Breakfast closed at 9 AM…. Ridiculously early to close it.   Obviously they are only interested in feeding morning people... We missed it by hours.

We didn't get an early start..... there were two main reasons.... the first reason was David and his television show..... He decided to watch a movie about an astroid that hit a train...... but it wasn't just any asteroid: it was the home of a small army of carnivorous lizards whose specialty was hunting out people on the train, hurting them by scratching them, the victims would then stumble around until it found the main group the movie centered around, then they would get eaten by the lizards right in front of the group.

Buck, June, David, Helen and Sylvia.... in the Denny's parking lot
AND… to add to the deep and sophisticated plot… the lizards are invisible unless they are feeding on human flesh…. This group stands astonished while the lizards ate a policeman in front of them.. The lizards move so quickly they are invisible …. I took the movie quite seriously and began solving the problems…. Spray them with the fire extinguisher so they can be seen…. Shoot them when they are feeding because you can see them …. Finally David had to admit I was more clever than the people in the movie and turned the show off without the exciting conclusion…. This was at 1:30 AM…… ( OK…. David insisted that I add the fact that I was on the computer adding a blog…. He completely missed the fact that it took me longer to add the blog while I ripped his movie apart… )

The second reason was at 2:30 my good friend Cate called to tell me she is a grandmother and she spent an hour telling me every detail of the baby: the color and length of the hair, the little fingers so long and beautiful, the little curling feet, the chubby cheeks, the little ears and how she snuggled into Cate when she was held….

Larry, Gail, Buck, June and Helen at Dennys
. Cate assured me about ten times that this baby is absolutely honest to God, the most beautiful in the world, bar none… At the end of the hour I was completely convinced…. What a happy time for Cate …. I am so lucky she shared it with me….

So…. We got a late start… I got up on time but I was moving slow. We drove to Aunt Gail’s and picked up my parents… the whole group of us drove to Dennys and had a late breakfast. I ordered pancake puppies, yogurt and grits…. I got the puppies thinking they would tiny pancakes but they were actually fried donut holes rolled in sugar and cinnamon. Yuk. The grits had huge lumps…. Odd that they didn’t know to put the grits in cold water before putting it into the boiling water… (then there are no lumps…) Ok… so it wasn’t the most wonderful breakfast but it was fine….

La Quinta Room.... Beautiful... (although the internet kept shutting down so I lost my blog quite a few times.... )
We had the waitress take our picture…… After we chatted a while we began driving to Bakersfield.

We arrived in Bakersfield  about 6 …. We checked into the La Quinta Inn. My mother can only sleep sitting up and La Quinta Inn was one of the motel chains who offer recliner chairs in their rooms.

We ate dinner at IHOP….. They had a pretty good menu. I was surprised to find they offered regular meals and not just pancakes. While we were eating a nice lady walked by and gave us four coupons for a free meal. david read the fine print and found it can ohly be used one per group. He gave the extras away to families. So the lady’s good deed was spread out to different people…

Tomorrow morning we hope eat at the motel then begin driving towards Bullhead City.  If we miss breakfast here at the motel I am certain we'll be able to find a restaurant somewhere.....    :)      

reikunboy says:
I don't think I would like Dave's taste in movies. This blog made me laugh
Posted on: Jan 20, 2010
Koralifix says:
Congrats on having this travel story featured! Very well done once again!
Posted on: Jan 20, 2010
sylviandavid says:
Hi Elke.... thanks.... both David's and mine are great! .... glad you saw the blog.... Sylvia
Posted on: Jan 17, 2010
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Ready to hit the road!!
Ready to hit the road!!
Buck, June, David, Helen and Sylvi…
Buck, June, David, Helen and Sylv…
Larry, Gail, Buck, June and Helen …
Larry, Gail, Buck, June and Helen…
La Quinta Room.... Beautiful... (a…
La Quinta Room.... Beautiful... (…
Buck and June and Helen (davids m…
Buck and June and Helen (david's …
Larry, Gail, Buck and June
Larry, Gail, Buck and June
Helen ~ Davids mom (his dad is de…
Helen ~ David's mom (his dad is d…
Buck and June (Sylvias parents)
Buck and June (Sylvia's parents)
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