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Today we actually managed to get up before 9AM and have breakfast at the motel.  We started out on highway 99 then went onto the 65 to go to Porterville.   We stopped and visited with my cousin, Butchie and his wife Linda.  It was nice to see him again.  I can see my brother Earl when Butchie smiles.  They are such a nice couple.  They have an appliance store that sells used and new appliances.  They were pretty busy while we were there.   They gave mom and dad a huge bag of oranges.  (oranges are common as mud there but a thrill for us).   They were navel oranges which are best for eating while the valencias are used for juicing. 

While we were there I called our friend Roger (X_Drive).   I had written to him last night and let him know we were in his area.   He very nicely invited us over for coffee with he and his wife, Judy (Hummingbird).  After we visited with Butch and Linda we were ready to travel again.  I programmed his address into our GPS.  The nauseatingly sweet lady on the GPS guided us to his house in Visalia.  (Well.......Almost got us there and David figured the last 4 blocks out...)  We were at Roger & Judy's under an hour.   We had a cup of coffee and looked at their computer room.  It was very nicely set up.  They both have a computer in the room and sit with their backs to each other as they work.  Roger has medieval knights and his family crest decorating his side of the room.  Judy's area is tidy and clean.  Their house has quite a few quilted wall hangings that are made by Judy.    Judy is incredibly skilled at sewing.  We were astonished at her collection of table runners she did by hand.   Also, she had some beautiful quilts she has sewn.   She has an astonishing sewing machine that embroiders amazing patterns.   We were so impressed by the different butterflies, flowers and hummingbirds she has done.   It takes quite a bit of skill to turn out the items she has.  My mom and dad really enjoyed their visit there too.   Roger's little dog Taco loved my mom and loved being held while we were there.  We really appreciated their hospitality and really enjoyed the visit.  We'll be stopping by any time we are in the area in the future as it was a lot of fun. 

As we were driving through Visalia my mom spotted a Red Lobster and we went in to eat.   Mom had jambalya, I had Caesar salad, David had Nachos and Dad had shrimp and chips.   All of us enjoyed the meal.  Dad was anxious to get to Sacramento so we ate fairly fast.  We were very impressed by the waitress, Sindy.  She was just whizzing around bringing us things and getting us coffee.  She really made it a good lunch with her service and her cheeriness.

We got to Galt around 6 PM.   Gail and Larry were ready to go to dinner almost as soon as we arrived.   We had a great dinner at Sizzler.  After dinner we went to Gail and Larry's daughter's house (Neva) and were happy to see my other cousin, Laurie, was also there.   It was great seeing them.   It had been about 15 years.  Laurie and I are blond now... and we both had dark hair last time we saw each other.    Their kids are between 15 and 24 and we got to meet all four of them.   They are great kids, very motivate and working hard.  Tonight David and I are staying at Gail and Larry's instead of going to a motel.    Tomorrow morning we are heading home to our two youngest daughters and the goats.  :)


sylviandavid says:
Judy, thanks again for your hospitality.... I think we had a mini-meet as my mom is also on travbuddy under Loisjune. The day was a little bit wet wasn't it?.... Nice of roger to meet us at the curb with an umbrella... has been a busy trip but fun....Maybe we'll come and visit you next!!! LOL....Love you! sylvia
Posted on: Jan 22, 2010
valerieb says:
Wow, you sure have squeezed a lot into such a short time. Glad you got to meet some Travbuddy friends.
Have a safe journey home!
Posted on: Jan 21, 2010
Hummingbird says:
We were so happy to have you stop by and spend a few minutes with us. Brightened our otherwise drab and dreary wet day!! Thanks again for stopping! :D
Posted on: Jan 21, 2010
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photo by: Hummingbird