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1.Portillo and Snowboarding

Taking a weekend trip up into the Andes about 2 hours away checking into the hotel at Portillo and learning to snowboard is my favourite experience so far. After lots of work its the perfect weekend away, the mountains are beautiful and the staff at Portillo are so lovely. We spent 2 nights there and snowboarded for three days, with 4 meals provided, a cinema, a gym, an outdoor spa pool, a disco and a locals bar across the road. We had a lot of fun here and a lot of stacking it off of ski lifts.

2.Learning Spanish

I arrived in Chile not knowing any Spanish which was quite daunting but the family here were so amazing and patient with me, taking the time to sit for hours in the kitchen in the evening teaching me words and helping me practice. 3 months down the line I can now have convosations with people and communicate well. Tenses are still difficult but I have a teacher for that. I still love sitting in the kitchen late at night and listening to their stories.

3.Teaching children

I think its amazing what young children can learn and how accepting they are, again arriving without being able to speak the language didnt matter, children want to play with anyone. I feel like Ive made a difference in their life teaching them the basics of english and spending all day in the garden watching them learn. They are amazing little characters and Im glad I get to spend part of my day with them everyday.

4.Surfing and Pichilemu

I love watching surfing and since being here Ive been able to go and learn myself with Gap Chile Reps and the Valpo Surf guys, we've taken trips up North and recently went and watched the Chile Big Wave Surf Competition at Pichilemu, which was fantastic! We can hit the beaches whenever we're free and join in or just sit back and sunbathe while the others jump in.

5.Christmas on the beach

Whilst it was snowing in England over christmas, here I was sat on the beach in the sunshine with everyone. A very different and enjoyable christmas, big party in the house midnight present opening on christmas eve, a late wake up and off to the beach to chill for the day. brilliant.

travelman727 says:
Great blog! What a brilliant way tospend a gap year :-D
Posted on: Feb 25, 2010
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