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Rowing through main part of river
Please check out my review about Maia Expeditions (below) for a more detailed account of the day. Here is a short version of various events throughout the day:

- Went swimming in a tributary of the Amazon river, which was a tremendous experience. The water was warm and a bit murky, and I must confess I was a bit scared at what might be lurking underneath, but our tour guide Mo assured me that it was safe - "Even little kids do it!". I floated on my back in the middle of the river for a bit, and was enjoying the view of the blue sky and green trees, when I felt something nibbling on my back. Nothing major, just a little tickle. Nevertheless, this spooked me out a bit so I quickly swam back in. Mo said that there were little fish that nibbled, but they were harmless (not pirhanas).
Turning off into a smaller tributary

- Took an amazing canoe ride through some of the grassy side tributaries of the river. Saw many different types of birds, and many types of bugs, which would merrily hop in and out of the boat. Lisa didn't like the bugs too much! Mo would scoop up the bugs near Lisa and throw them back into the water. Videos of this to come.

- Had an tasty dinner of Pirarucu, one of the largest freshwater fish species in the world (it grows up to 4m long!). The meat was very soft and tender. Maybe it will become a craze at every restaurant, like Chilean Sea Bass (aka Patagonian Toothfish, but that name isn't as sexy).

- Lots and lots of bugs! Woke up after a nap and there were dozens of little moths crawling around our mosquito net. A giant moth the size of a bird.
Rowing through tall grass fields; completely unexpected and amazing experience!
Frogs in the bathroom. Long centipede/cockroach like things. Numerous spiders. Translucent neon green grasshoppers. Jesus bugs (unofficial name) that walked on water.

- Played UNO (a card game) with Gaby (from Chile, visiting to study Eco-Tourism in Brazil), Mike (a graduate student in Economics from Princeton), and Lisa. I succeeded in coming in last almost every game. Good thing no one was keeping score. Gaby pretended like she had never played UNO before, then proceeded to win every game.

- Very hot night, had trouble sleeping. Not used to the heat and humidity here, and was worried about Lisa, who was having a hard time sleeping due to fear of bugs running amuck. Didn't think I'd ever fall asleep, but eventually did. No power here after midnight, so everything was pitch black, even with my eyes open. So unusual to not be able to see anything, like I was blind. Not even lights from the stars (clouds?). Was a scary but surreal experience.
Eric says:
Thanks...It was awesome, except for all the bugs :)
Posted on: May 12, 2011
vmehnert says:
Great videos!
Posted on: May 12, 2011
cneoridium says:
I want to see bug scooping!!

Those are really great videos though, really feels like you're on the boat!
Posted on: Oct 14, 2010
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Rowing through main part of river
Turning off into a smaller tribut…
Rowing through tall grass fields;…
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