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The cat

You all get it, I'm sure, that realization that your vacation smile may only last a few days, or worse, a few hours once you get home. 

The realization that all your wonderful photos and experiences mean nothing to your friends & family who dealt with broken washers, lost dogs, snow storms, etc. while you were gone.  (Thank goodness for TravBuddy where people are interested!)

That realization that the bills have piled up and you have to get caught up on weeks of correspondence.  And that your neighbors are mad because you left the hose on. 

That realization that your dogs, while wonderfully cared for in your absence, have developed all sorts of bad habits - like begging at the table!

Well, after almost 3 weeks of being home and dealing with the usual realizations, today I had my first post vacation highlight.  Yes, worth a mention in my blog.  The neighbor boy who took care of my cat while I was gone came over to see the cat.  He noticed the glass pyramid sitting on the coffee table.  He asked about the hieroglyphics on it.  He told me he took his mummy thank you present to school to show everyone.  He asked me if I knew about the 'lion thing' with the cut off nose (I then showed him pictures of the Sphinx).  He ooohhhed and aaahhed at photos of Petra - couldn't believe it was thousands of years old!  He asked if he could keep pictures of camels that I showed him.  In the eyes of this 9 year old, my trip was awesome and amazing, where my 49 year old friends haven't had time to look at the photos. 

Perhaps he's another travelling soul who will someday join TravBuddy, or perhaps he's a child who hasn't become jaded yet and worried about all those things that keep us too busy to marvel at stuff like this.  Either way, he made my day.  He made my last 3 weeks even. 



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The cat
The cat
photo by: vulindlela