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The snow has started to melt away, and I decided that it's time to get out of the house. So, I invited my friends to the movies - okay, I know it's IN a house again, it's just that it's really, really cold outside. We went to a movie theater in Ludwigshafen, just a few-minute-drive away from Hassloch.

The city was disappointing, for it is really - ugly. My appologies to the Ludwigshafeners, but that's just the impression it made on me, and I don't think it can be blamed on the weather. Ludwigshafen is seperated from Mannheim only by the river Rhine. The city is mostly linked to the chemical plant BASF, one of the biggest companies in the country (remember cassette tapes? That's them). The BASF grew rapidly, becoming a huge employer, which resulted in building housing facilities for the workers. That was in the 1890s. And that's the impression the city made on me today: blank building after building, manageable but no real beauty. What increased that impression, is the lack of people in the streets. Ludwigshafen is big with more than 160.000 inhabitants, so where are they? All sitting at home? I'll blame it on the weather, thou my friends assured me it's always like this. While walking through the city a little, and later driving through, I kept my eyes out for something nice to see, I mean, there's GOTTA be SOMETHING. Nope. ..... Maybe I should come back on a nice and sunny day.

Watched "Avatar". Wow!!!! Nice job, Mr. Cameron! .... A completely and utterly different world than Ludwigshafen.

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