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The local pride,Acropolis,with the sea at the background..

Today,after spending too many hours at home with my friends,in front of the computer and then cooking(my God,geeks!!),we decided to go for a ride.You see,my friend Vanessa just got her lisence,and now we,the kamikazes,(me and Natasha) are driving around Athens,so that she can practise..and we enjoy her taxi-service!!It's really nice,while we descover-redescover Athens!

There are many places in Athens that I have never been to, or never enjoyed as they are supposed to be enjoyed!I always have this graving for travelling abroad,and I (unacceptably) have neglected Athens!Maybe because I see the downsides of it everyday(garbage,pollution,no green,rudness etc),maybe I have been living here for too long,I don't know!But now I have desided,since I don't see me going to any vacations (in June-July at least) due to university exams,(which were postponed because of the strikes),I will bring vacations to me!

Athens are a city with big history,everybody knows that!Acropolis,Plaka,museums,Zeus,arches etc.

Athens from up the hill.
What about today though?Athens is definitely not a city with a lot of parks!Actually,it holds one of the last positions in the Europe's list of "green cities"!But today we went to one of the green hills of Athens,Likavitos.Likavitos has a theatre,where lots of concerts are being held(well,now,after the Olympics we are having the most important at the Olympic stadium!).Also you can watch there very interesting performances etc.And,its located at the center of Athens!

It has a lot of benches,with a wonderful view of Athens in front of you and the sea to your far left(well,it depends where you sit!!).It is a very common place for romantic pairs(And if you are alone and watching all these lovely (grrr) pairs,you can always jump off the hill..Who knows,maybe they'll even name it after you!!)

So,kick one of the pairs out of the bench(com'on,they can express their love in other places too!)sit,and enjoy the view!!

monarch989 says:
Amazing, I've always wanted to go to Greece, it's one of my top 5's before I die. :)
Posted on: Jun 11, 2007
ltrye says:
Yeah, I know how it is to sometimes ignore the amazing places we live in - the New England town I am from is so quaint, beautiful, and fairly historical. It's so hard when there's so much more out in the world to see! Right now I live in Orlando, a huge tourist destination, but for me it's just too manufactured. But Athens - now that's real! I will have to get travel tips from you when I finally make it there.
Posted on: Jun 02, 2007
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The local pride,Acropolis,with the…
The local pride,Acropolis,with th…
Athens from up the hill.
Athens from up the hill.
Acting cool in front of the boys!!
Acting cool in front of the boys!!
..and passes!
..and passes!
Time passes..
Time passes..
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