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my mom's spanish friend told her there is a guy who iscalled Sai baba and the people of here believes he is god and can do everything,he heals the sick people and he can chang everything in less than a blink,we were so curious to go and visit this god,we realized he has lots of pantheons and luckily he was in thesouth of India when we decided to go there. we took a train and go to a village which was the birthplace of baba,when we arrived there we saw some Buildings like the Hilton hotel which where the residences of his followers,exactly after our arrival some doors were opened and we saw about 10 mercedeses came out from the garages,the woman who was standing beside us said baba and his bodyguards are in those cars,my mom  asked me"are we still in India?.

we went to the management and took a room for one week,the plan was like this everyday,they people sat in rows in the  mornings and baba passed the rows and did choose some people(about 5) for private meeting,when we were there we say lots and lots of followers from all over them world(Spain,Indonesia,Italy,Germany,USA,Greece,...)baba also had a very large libarary,bigger than the library of my university and all the books ofthat library were about him,a German professor from Berlin who had a room next to us talked about him with my mom alot,he told us he comes to India everyyear to visit baba and he saw his miracles,we also saw a woman who had breast cancer 10 yeras ago and she thought baba did heal her,she told us even his husbnd who is a surgeon thinks what baba did to her was a miracle,another woman told us she came to baba 6 years ago and he gave her a private meet,in that private meet he asked her what she wants and she asked for a ring and baba gave her a ring with a green stone (she showed us the ring),well there ere lots of stories like that there,the last day before we come back to Bangalore ,when we were sitting in rows he did stand infront of my mother,put his hand on her hair ,rubbed his fingers,opened his hand and there was a white powder in his palm,he gave my mom that powder and all of this made my mom as a blessed woman in the eye of those followers who did witness that!!when we wanted to leave everybody knew about the white powder,the woman with her daughter and how they were blessed by baba,we were even more popular than Sai baba!that's the biggest miracle we saw from this god!

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as a medical doctor I saw several cases of malnutrition and skeletal diseases.but  I saw in India was unique, some people with such weird limbs ,their limbs were like the branches of trees,long and tiny,maybe like the roots of trees,they  were sitting on ground and the people(mostly tourists)gave them some money.it was so hard to see them,we asked the local people about them and they said :they were guilty in their previous lives and it's the result of their sins which reincarnated in their current souls and made them sick like this ,it is called Atma(I'm not sure if it's exactly the right word).

there wasn't any pool or beach near where we lived,our neighbour told us we can get a good tan on the roof of our building,Hans ,Agape(my Greek friend) and I decided to go to the roof for this big project,but nobody had any sunscreen so we went to the Indian maid of the building and asked her if she has some oil!I didn't know what kind of oil it was but it could  gain a gold medal in the competition"which oild has the most digusting smell?".when we put it on our bodies we realized it's impossible to stand each others' smell for a long time,there wasn't any mask there so we covered half of our faces with scarves and went to the roof,we were lying down and enjoyed the sun when we saw about 10 guards of the building surrounded us while they all were pointing their guns to our heads!the smart guards saw us walking on the roof with those scarves and thought we were some dangerous terrorists or kidnappers!just imagine their faces when they saw 2 girls with bikkinis and a guy with  swim trunks  covering their faces and lying down on the roof!after a couple of hours even the scarves couldn't help us anymore and we decided to come down,take a shower and get rid of that smell,but when we came down we realized the generators were broken down and there was no running water,one of the technisians told us we could go to the building #2 which was about 2 blocks farfrom us(building#1) as they still had running water,I called Jagadish and he came to take us to that building,in the middle of way he asked:is this smell from you?.

Hans:it's theirs not mine! Agape:Natzi! ...silence for the rest of the way...when we arrived to the building #2 we realzied it's very embrassing if we go,Knock a random  door and say:hey,how are u doing?can we use your bath?(although Hans said if they just smell us ,they will volunteer to let us use their bath) we decided to come back and find another solution but Jagadish said he should go somewhere and he can't give us a ride(he told me later it was just an excuse to escape from us) so we walked to our building again but in the middle of way  Hans and Agape decided to go and wash themselves in the river,this mentioned river had a brown water instead of blue one! ofcourse I wasn't that much silly to go with them,when they came back their smell was even worse,when we arrived home,my mother boiled some water with cooker and we had a very modern shower with some water in the buckets!

during the first years of med. school,I had a friend at hospital who never knocked the door when she wanted to enter the patient's room,the resident always told her:what you do is just exactly entering someone's house without knocking,have you ever seen someone comes to your house without your pemission?,if that resident asked me that question I would answer:yes,alot!...,the maid of our building in India,Divija, had to clean up our appartment everyday between 9 and 10,I don't remember (even once) a knock from her,we always expected Divija to open our house suddenly,enter and start to clean up.when we were new in that appartment, everyday we tried to explain to her she should let us know when she wants to come in,but after 2 weeks we didn't bother ourselves to change something that never changes...when we were near to the expire date of our stay in India,oneday my mom told her:you could find one of us naked when you always came in without knocking, she answered:don't worry maam,I could see whole of your dinning room through the window of public corridor,you were never naked!

"horn please" was painted on many cars in India!One day Hans and I wanted to go to bazzar to buy a saree for his girlfriend ,we took a taxi as our driver was busy doing my mom's orders,I can remember the  taxi driver kept blasting the horn more than 30 minutes,we both wanted to jump off from his taxi if he would stop just behind one of the traffic lights,but isn't the traffic light just for decoration in India?,we did put some cotton in our ears but the disaster was bigger than a tiny piece of cotton,my body did release epinephrine more than 100 times in that Taxi,there is no rule for traffic regulation in India,the rule of the road is: you close your eyes and drive,other drivers and pssengers should escape your car as it'll their problem if they get hit,not yours!when we wanted to come back home we were too deaf to catch a taxi again so we decided to use public tranportation( bigger mistake!) we went to a random bus driver and gave him our destination ,after his long and endless speech about how he can find a comfortable guesthouse for us when he realized we don't need any room,he told us it's the wrong station and we should go to another street which is one block far from there,we went to the address he gave us and the second driver said that we should go back to the first station,we went back to the first station again (when we felt exactly like Pat and Mat),luckily the first driver wasn't there as Hans was talking about how he would punch him if he found that man whole the way,when we sat in that bus we realized going back home by bus is one of the biggest mistakes of our life as the people wanted to stand  on of our feet,exactly beween our seats and the front seats,we bought another 2 tickets to prevent people from squash our feet,too lucky that the crowd didn't let us see how the driver passed the streets and traffic lights,because the rule was like that for bus:as this bus is the biggest vehicle now,it can go anywhere it wants and hit all the smaller ones!...the lesson of that day?never look for an adventure in india!everyday a new adventure comes to you itself!

photo by: Vikram