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my memories of India belong to some years ago when my family and I moved there because of my father's job...but you never can forget your memories of India...this blog isn't a travel guide I just wanted to write some notes about my experiences of was about July when we moved to India,our flight landed in Mumbai and Bangalore was the next destination,the location of my dad's job was about 100 km far from Bangalore ,we had to go to Banglore with train ,a driver waited for us after that to take us to that village,the guy who travelled with us did insist on travelling with the third class train as a new adventure!we didn't have any imagination about the trains of India so we accpeted his idea(it shows there is a tiny small distance between stupidity and adventure )!the first adventure that happened to me in that train was sitting on a fat rat! after that a monkey stole my sandwich through the window!I'm not joking!it's real!duing my trip I realized it's very normal in India to jump on train while it already started to move,we arrived in Banglore evantually,we were on our way to that village when we realized the drivers don't pass the cows who decide to sit in the middle of street,the mentioned cows made us wait in our car (without any aircondition) for more that 45 min in the warm and humid weather of India...after our arrival to the final destination I expected a beautiful and fancy house like what I always saw at the movies but we got an appartment with ceiling fan instead!when the Dutch guy who lived next to us and was also my dad's colleague saw my  mother's expression started to explain the conditions of living in India ,which we experienced most of them in the next few days after our arrival...(I'll write more details later)
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it's the second day,100 km far from dad went to his office about 7am ,my mother and I didn't know what to do so we  decided to go around the neighborhood  and see what's going on there, the bulding we lived in had a very big yard with lots of guards who didn't let the local people enter,my mom and I went  to the main street .the children were going to school and it was so interesting as they all had the same blue and white uniforms but almost 70% of them were without shoes,we also saw a juice stand and  bought some iceceam from there but suddenly about 20 children attacked us and wanted to take the mentioned icecream,we just dropped it and ran away!they let us go as it was time to attack the ground now! after unsuccessful icecream experience we decided to go to a resturant for lunch,I was hoping for steak,hamburger,... but I just found some strange names on menu,so I did what all the unwise people do!closed my eyes,put my finger on the menu and ordered a random food!after repeating this action about 10 times we realized the only thing we can eat in that resturant is french fries!they also had a cereal hamburger but you would be able to eat that if you carried a mask.we came back to our yard and my dad sent us a driver to show us the village,his name was Jagadish and he was about 30, such a nice and friendly guy,my mother and Jagadish started some small talk and my mom asked a few questions about the Indian food,we realized in that village people don't eat meat!and it's very hard to find red meat in India! mom asked him if he is married and he smiled(with blushing) and answered:not yet,but you can find a nice lady for me.!.so this answer was enough for my mom to ask all the Indian women who worked in our building to marry Jagadish,after my mom proposed about 10 married Indian women  we realized they don't wear ring as a sign of marriage!,we spent the rest of our afternoon on kicking  the bugs,insects and flies out of our appartment...(write more details later)

South-east of India,about 20 days after my arrival....have you seen the movie"outsourced"?if you are planning to work in India you should see this movie, it exactly shows what happens to most of the foreiners in India,There is a very interesting dialogue in this movie which says(not exact words)"don't resist India,life will be easier for you if you accept India the way it is"...that's what I exactly did to be able to live friend Hans and I usualy strolled in  dusty streets in the mornings,the first days when we were new to the local children,they surrouned us and kept saying:"saheb,money" but after about  10 days they realized they shouldn't expect us anything but smile!one of the funniest thing happened to me was when Hans and I decided to go back to Mumbai to buy some clothes,we were in the middle of way  when I saw about 50 guys were sejanting in rows and talking to each other beside the main road.I told Hans:oh look at them ,are these guys praying,is this a morning prayer? Hans said:no they are doing what people do in bathroom! when I looked more carefully I realized they are all half naked! whole of this happened while the monkeys were passing the corridors of trains!!!

Sandy1 says:
Funny story :) but yes the lack of toilets is a bummer in India :(
Posted on: Feb 22, 2010
photo by: Vikram