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After Zion, we drove all the way to California. We passed Vegas in a hurry because we were meeting up with Joe, the brother of Doug (my boss in Texas), and his wife Kim. They were so kind to invite us over when we met them at their family Christmas dinner in Arlington, Texas.
They have a very nice and quaint house in Santa Ana, California. Their house was originally designed for a mother and her child that was born out of wedlock. It is fun to have a house with a little bit of history, especially in a nation as young as the USA.
We had some very interesting discussion about religion and life. Joe, at one point, dubbed me as a "hedonistic buddhist". That's a stigma I can life with.
The next day, Joe showed us 'his' L.A.. He showed us how Venice Beach got its name. They actually wanted to mimic Venice with its many canals and bridges. It started out as an artist community, but as things go in California, as soon as the rich and famous adopted this village as their home, the prices of real estate sky-rocketed and drove the original inhabitants away.
Santa Monica had a similar faith. This small little town tries its best to look as European as it can. They actually have a down town where you can shop in open air (as opposed to a mall). And they've actually opened up malls to real daylight to make it look more like Europe. They did a good job! Santa Monica is also the stamping ground of Arnold Schwarznegger. Joe showed us the gym where here started body building.
After Joe showed us around and we could witness a beautiful sunset over Santa Monica pier, I can understand why California is the most populated state in the USA. The climate is wonderful. You have mountains and you have beaches. There are people that go surfing in the morning and snowboarding in the afternoon. The first sky-piste is only an hours drive away from the beach. Moreover, if you want some pristine wilderness, you drive an hour further, and you can see bears, elk and moose in their natural habitats. Not a bad place to life!
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