A Native Experience - Off road in Navajo State

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We are now in Navajo State - this is a Native American reserve. They have their own police, their own govnernment and their own laws. One could see it as a seperate state. We are here to see Monument Valley. You know this scenery from many spaghetti Westerns or from the comic "Lucky Luke". Those pertruding red rocks in the middle of the dessert. I could never imagine it could be so cold here! It's around 0 degrees celsius, or 32 fahrenheid. However, it is, again, stunning! The United States is truly blessed with some amazing geological adnormalities! I took the rental 4 wheel drive for a test on an off-road track leading through some amazing sights in monument valley. It performed perfectly! Did you know that there is uranium in this weird looking mountains? I sure didnt! They are not mining it to keep it open for the public. I am glad they did! It is nice to meet some real Native Americans and to learn how these people lived before the White People came to the America. When I was young, I always wanted to be the native American, when playing cowboy, so I feel somewhat connected. It is also amazing to think what came from America: the potatoes, corn, turkey. Things that we consider to be really 'Dutch'. They don't call use potato eaters for nothing!
So we saw some great landscapes, met some real Native Americans and learned something from their culture. Now at our next destination, we are going further into their past. Stay tuned!
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photo by: huibdos