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The Hopi and Navajo Native Americans that we saw in Navajo State are all descendants from the ancient puebleans. These people were living in so called cliff dwellings around the year 1200. We are going to visit a couple of those dwellings that still remain at Mesa Verde National Park.
It is funny if you put things into perspective: in 1200, Delft almost had its city rights and was already quite 'modern'. In that same time period, the Native Americans were living in very basic houses cut out of the cliff. On top of that, in that same year they didnt even invented the wheel yet. When I asked the park ranger why they were so 'underdeveloped', she was quick to correct me and said 'developed differently'. And she was right, the 'Western' way of living is not very sustainable. The Native Americans we much more in tune with their surroundings and were able to life there for thousends of years wihtout really 'harming' nature. But lets be real here, they didn't even discovered the wheel yet! Boy, must they felt stupid when they saw the White men rolling in with their guns mounted on wheels. "Why didn't we think of that", they must've thought while they slapt their head!
The ranger told me that they were even more amazed by horses. The native american word for horse is also "Big Dog" or "Magical Dog". It was also predicted that gods would enter their lands on magical dogs. I guess they had their own Nostradamus!
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photo by: walterman9999