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nice and helpful receptionist of Pre Paid Taxi..

I arrived Chennai about 23:00. It's a bit scary to be in a new country at night, especially this country with notorious of cheating... Thought people adviced me that the rate is bad in Thailand, I did exchange some US dollar to IR, cause I  was afraid if I can't find exchange in airport at night, then how I can go to the city center..

Chennai did have exchange in airport at night.. the receptionist of exchange is unexpectedly a kind person.. he told me if you got IR600 already, don't change here, you got enough for Taxi to city.. the rate is bad,you could get better rate there.. In addition, receptionist of prepaid Taxi is also a nice person, too. I felt I could be safe in this city because of their kindness and friendly.

The second one on the right is my room with big key!! And the gate downstair is with iron door and locked~~ "how dangerous India is" that's what I thought when I finally alone in room..

I was surprised how big Chennai is on the way to the guest house I booked online. I was shock again after seeing my room.. how can I describe??

First, I arrived late and couldn't buy any water.. the guest house gave me one bottle and I tasted soil.. "diarrhea" suddenely jumped to my mind.. some advice from Indian travel blog came and non-stop.. but how I could do.. I was too thirsty, and locked upstair.. moreover, I couldn't find any place to buy the water from airport to my guest house..

Secondly, the room is not only simple but old style, reminded me the old time of Taiwan.. the point is the room looks not dirty but I felt a bit itch.. l, finally, took my spare bag as sheet and my coat as bedquilt~ That is my first day in India, slept with so strong culture shock, even just few hours and meet few people only..

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nice and helpful receptionist of P…
nice and helpful receptionist of …
The second one on the right is my …
The second one on the right is my…
very simple and old style~
very simple and old style~
I brought a package of plus.. and …
I brought a package of plus.. and…
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