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Five of my close friends here in Singapore had just enough overwhelming things from work and we needed a quick getaway from all the pressure and monotony of our life here. A friend has looked for a place that is relaxing and far from the city. Then, we decided to go to Cameron and we left Singapore on a Friday night. I was asleep most of the times during the 11 hour long journey from Singapore to the Highlands. Thanks to my malong for giving me enough warmth to keep me asleep. My friends who have nothing except their swear were not able to catch a good sleep.

Then we reached Cameron Highlands, our bus stopped to Titiwangsa office, the travel agency; a pretty, overly made up girl walked in the bus and explains what the city is and some history.
Funny thing was this agent has somehow exaggerated her choice of words that sounded too corny for me.
She appeared to me as someone lacking with sincerity and only after our money. I said to myself, I will stop being too critical and just relax. In the first place, I was there to relax. After her talk, we decided to take two, one in the morning and another in the afternoon plus dinner.

Our morning trip started with a tour to tea plantation. The sights and sounds of BOH tea plantation was impressive. The lined up tea plants were so orderly that it looked so special. It was also interesting how tea is being processed, from cutting to drying to grinding. The only thing I don't like was the first travel agent who explained about the tea plantation, I found him condescending.
funny looking cactus! lolz
Then again, I reminded myself to just let it pass and relax.
After the tea plantation visit, next was to get to the highest point of the Cameron Highlands. The drive was quite long and winding. I remember feeling dizzy on that trip. When at peak, a substitute agent discussed about some plants and their medicinal value. It was a relief that the new agent, an Indian guy was very nice and full of humour. He made me forgot my irritation over the first agent. After the peak we went to the settlement of Oran-something, the indigenous people who live on that mountain range. And that's the end of the first trip.

After a quick lunch in our hotel room, we went down to the lobby of the hotel to wait for the van for the second trip. I again got irritated to know that five of us will be seated separately.
Good Morning, Cameron!
I was seated next to a couple that has no intention of making friends to a stranger.
So there, I seated alone and taking photos. And irritated. Then our first stop was the terrace veggie plantation. The guide was the irritating one. And what made it worse was the fact it was noontime, and he was the only one under the comfort of umbrella. All his clients were sweating under the hot summer sun. That's what I call good service. A slight irritation again happened to me when all those who sell veggies totally ignored us, but they gleefully entertained others. Was it because we can't speak Chinese that they don't want to do business with us? I was planning to buy some corn but just dropped the idea since those people selling were starting to get into my nerves.

After that veggie plantation, we made our way to some flower plantation, then veggie plantation again then a cactus farm.
I have seen enough beautiful sights for an afternoon over the course of the trip to forgive those that irritated me. The whole trip was truly relaxing. Seeing those weird shaped cactus made me laugh. Then to end the tour, we have our steamboat dinner! It was a nice one. Then our group decided to go for Pasar Malan (Night Market). I didn't buy anything except for two magnets.

Then back to the hotel, stuffed and tired, we prepared to sleep. Then we left the highlands the following morning.
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Cameron Highlands
photo by: forevert2