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Okay.. so I was heading into seattle this past weekend where I had some affair to settle out and ended up flying northwest airlines (ugh).  Under normal circumstances, this would make me unhappy but this would be 6 flight endeavor for a 3 day trip.. not my idea of fun.  Anyway, when I got to the airport for my return flight(s) (thank god I got there insanely early) it turned out that my opening flight was cancelled due to a lack of crew.  Since this wasn't some sort of "act of god", I broke out the whole rule 240 info and was able to be placed on a convenient flight of my choosing.  Granted, there is a caveot.  The airline that you'd be transferred to, does not have to accept you as a passenger.  So, while I was going through the whole ordeal of flying out roughly when I was supposed to (overnights blow, but they're better than paying for a hotel room for a night when you anticipated not having to) I ended up having to do another iteration of the "go to northwest, go to another airline, go back to northwest, etc".  In all, I had to chat with northwest's ticket agents 3x as they didn't really have their shit together.

Anyway, it always helps to have your information handy, seriously, since its pretty likely that you'll be dealing with people who don't.  
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