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Hmm.. so just giving you an update.  I've relocated to the UK, started work and all that other stuff that you associate with getting back into a "normal" routine.  Work is just about as much fun as I remember it being, so its been a serious jolt to the system after a 14 month hiatus.  But its sort of slowly starting to dawn on me that I'm going to probably be here for a fairly long time.  Granted, I'm not going to complain too loudly, I do have probably the most spectacular commute in all of London as I walk from Charing Cross to Southwark along the south bank of the Thames.  How many others can say that they walk past Trafalgar square, West Minster, the London Eye, St. Peter's .. and a whole raft of other landmarks on their way to work?  Not too many I'd wager.  Plus, I get to see my fiancee everyday and well, thats worth its weight in gold.

Anyway, at some point, the general will return with a nugget of wisdom (or something that look like it, it takes an awful long time to polish those terds) .. but right now, I'm just a busy boy.  :)
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photo by: ulysses