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Left sunny island Singapore, hoped onto the plane and flew half way round the world to city of angels LA! I was pretty excited to go to LA. Why? Seriously, after watching so much 90210, The hills, Orange County and many more all-american TV dramas, my image of Los Angeles California is really cool, so I really wanted to see it with my own eyes!

I hoped off the plane at LAX with... my luggage in the morning and head straight to my hotel. Since I am only meeting my friend like 2 days later, I figured out that I could stay at somewhere cheaper first for the first 2 nights, typical budget travelling. So I checked into STAY hotel (hotel but more like hostel, with shared baths and stuff) downtown LA. I will review STAY in a separate review. Anyway, honestly downtown LA is not exactly the best place to stay unless you are going for conferences or performances at the different facilities downtown. Why? Firstly, downtown is quite empty over the weekends and the place where I was staying was like a few blocks away from the poorer area, not exactly the safest place to walk into if you are a tourist. I have to emphasize that I travelled alone, so it’s pretty creepy and not safe to walk the streets of downtown LA once the sun has set. I was pretty spooked one night when I have to walk back to the hotel and some homeless guy sprung up on me for some cash, pretty scary stuff for a lone girl to deal with really. So, a little pointer for girls traveling on their own, please don't venture around after dark downtown unless you are like near the staple centre, that place is a different story on its own.

Safety aside, typical tourist nature, I walked around some must-see places downtown. Some places that I visited on the first day were central library, grand central market, little Tokyo and a bit of walking around the area I was staying at. (that was when I ventured into the wrong territory)

First up, Grand central market.
Grand Central market is really interesting. When you stand outside the building, it just seemed like any normal building, almost look like a warehouse. But when you walk in it’s a total different story. The interior is made up of different vendors selling a wide variety of food. Mixed of all kind of food and fruits ranging from tropical fruits from Asia, to wines and liquors.  Very colorful, very vibrant. This is seemingly similar to the wet markets in Singapore except that there is more variety of food there. The middle section is kind of cooked food section. International fairs can be found there.  Chinese, Mexican, Italian food and many more can be found there and the price is pretty reasonable as well.  A taco was about $2.50 and a burrito was $5.50.  Chinese combo meals ranged from $3.75 to $6.99. Grand Central market is pretty cool really.

Little Tokyo
Honestly, I’m not a big fan of Japanese culture and stuff. (No offense here, but I guess I just don't know how to appreciate it?) Anyway, there were some streets in little Tokyo that is really Japans liked. Not much there really, there are shops selling Japanese food and Japanese novelty. I was kind of bored when I’m there, so didn't stay for long.

Macy's Plaza
Paradise! Macy's Plaza, as the word macy suggest, there is a huge I think 4 storeys macy shop in it. Paradise for someone who likes to shop. Furthermore, since I am going to Montreal after this, I had to stock up on my winter clothing. So macy is really the best place to find good bargain, plus the Christmas sale was ongoing so many steals to find inside. Obviously, I shopped for a couple of hours there before returning back to STAY.

DAY 2... Story continues...

LA staple centre
Woke up late the next day due to my very bad jet lag, feel like I’ve been hit by a train or something. Everywhere is aching and I feel tired! Anyway, went to the staple centre to get tickets to one of the match of LA Lakers. I mean how can you not watch an NBA match when you are in LA right? Plus I’m a big fan of basketball, so the match is a must watch! Staple center is really big, and sadly bigger than our national stadium. (Not very surprising though) Thankfully, I managed to get the tickets for the 22nd match against Oklahoma City.

After getting the tickets, I just went back to the hotel to sleep.
More updates on the next post.

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