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We have come back into Thailand, actually kind of by mistake... We had decided to bring our flights forward and go back to Europe earlier than planned as we wanted to take advantage of the awesome snow hitting the Continent at the moment. So we decided the easiest thing was to come from Siahanoukville back through Ko Chang and Bangkok then fly to Malaysia. 


We found out, Air Asia being the fantastic budget airline that it is, we could change the flights for about as much as it cost to buy them in the first place!! So now here we are.

Ko Chang is quite lovely though we didn't manage to see any of the island apart from Lonely Beach (which by the way I think is misnamed- it should be called STONEY Beach). We had booked the whole trip from Cambodia and the only glitch was that we took a ferry from the mainland that arrived at a pier that was very clearly NOT the main pier. For the very first (and probably last) time in Thailand I walked off a ferry and was not greeted by 6000 taxi/tuk tuk drivers. In fact there was not a single one. We, and the 10 other backpackers, looked around bewilded and managed to convince a guy to take us in the back of his pickup. Not that he was keen (again another first).

We stayed at a place called Lemon, it was a nice little group of bungalows that looked remarkably like wooden eggs. The first night scared us because the bar had a "raging" party - to which all of about 4 people and some sad looking prostitutes showed up- and played terrible music very loudly until 3am. However, obviously discouraged, they were closed the next few nights (much to our relief). The bungalows were cheap and basic (the only small disaster was one leg of the bed sagging after termites and gravity finally won).

We spent most of our time on Ko Chang eating, reading, doing crosswords and generally whiling away the time. We had some good nights and some Ok ones. Nightlife seems to be a bit hit and miss. Check out Om bar for late night dancing and Ting Tong for reggae. The Tree House was fun to chill out but pretty dead.

As for the beach, which by the way nobody TELLS you is all giant rocks, we did manage to find a bit of sand in front of some of the larger resorts a short walk around the bay from the Tree House. It's good fun and the water is fantastic but the food is VERY expensive.

All up, Ko Chang was a good place to navel gaze and finish a good book but I wish we'd made the effort to explore the island a bit as there are apparently some good waterfalls. 

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Koh Chang
photo by: Kju