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Imagine the most naïve person you could ever find, who loves to dance and smile to whatever life throws at her. To her, traveling is the most enjoyable means to sleep in unfamiliar beds, eat shrimp masala, and visit a gazillion different bars per day. Why would one deal with dry and electrified hair for two and half hours in an airplane to visit a city where it’s constantly raining? Well, it’s obvious: to simply admire many good-looking people, to enjoy the cultural diversity, to hear five languages on one metro ride, and to walk for one hour in rain just to find the Saatchi Gallery! :) My address is ever-changing and so is my mind. After going places, I fall in love with them; after meeting people, I fall in love with them also. I love life! I also love London, thanks to the many great locals and non-locals that I’ve met. Mostly older people are very determined against such great things as TravBuddy or CouchSurfing, and my grandmother says that she gets goose-bumps (in a bad way) every time I tell her that I’ve met someone off Internet. Well, for me it’s the best means to get to know a place, and I’m not just agitating for those websites out of the blue. I’ve met the most interesting and extraordinary people through them by hosting or having a drink, and they are not creeps or serial killers! One has to approach these kind of ventures with a very open-mind and no pre-expectations, and the results are amazing. I would have where to stay or whom to contact in many countries now! 

Going off to a more pensive tangent, the main question that I have now to rationally think about is why Brits don’t like dancing??? I, a girl, invited guys to dance, and got refused! It was a shock! They are lovely people and all after they have a few pints of beer, but I still have to go back and hit the clubs to see at least one native Brit dancing. Are you British and feel offended, challenged, or can prove me wrong? Feel free to come to Klaipeda!

Summary: uhhhhmazing food, even more amazing people and atmosphere, many great bars, heartbroken grandmother for a week, and anxious Martina wanting to see more of the magnificent world :)


Live fast, don’t die young; party hard, examine life harder!! Cheeeeeeeeeeeers mates!


Peace and Love

dreamflyer says:
Great Attitude :)
Posted on: Jan 07, 2010
hurvey says:
nice contribution:)
Posted on: Jan 07, 2010
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