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Inside one of the rooms in the Mosque

For those of you who know me, you know that once I give myself a mission, there’s no going back until I accomplish that feat. Such is the case with going on a tour of the beautiful mosque by our apartment. With last week’s tragic, tragic episode of getting played when trying to go on the tour, I was determined that today would be the day that we went on the tour.

After getting ready, Luqman and I made our way to the mosque with 10 minutes to spare before the start of the tour. There were a good number of people who were waiting to go on the tour as well. When we entered the grounds, a guard asked for my name and asked to see some identification. I showed him mine and he examined it for a good bit. However, he didn’t even ask for Luqman’s. Hmm….

We made our way to a main room in which there were posters in English and Spanish that talked about some important Muslim principles and beliefs.

A fountain inside the Mosque's compound
A man in some “tight” jeans, as Luqman called them, and a sweater walked in to the room and began lecturing. Unfortunately, he spoke absolutely no English and thus talked only in Spanish. However, this was not that bad because I could understand him. The bad part was that he would not stop pacing! Now when I say, he was pacing, I mean he was pacing at such an incessant rate that I seriously felt an anxiety attack coming on. It was so hard for me to enjoy the tour because the tour guide was making me so nervous. This was very regrettable because the mosque and the grounds were amazing. I was taken aback by the gorgeous décor and stunning architecture. But again, the pacing and not being able to fully understand the guard was severely hampering our experience.

Finally, Luq and I decided that we had enough and took the subway back to the apartment.

The extra rich dessert that I could not finish
We casually hung around the apartment and the surrounding area for the next couple of hours. Then I called Deona to make dinner plans to meet at an Indian restaurant that I had loved when I had visited Buenos Aires last year.

We arrived at Kathmandu and the guys as well as Deona were impressed with the décor. Our waiter was interesting. He was clearly of European descent but had an eerie color to his skin. After taking a closer look at him, I attributed it to either a horrible self tanner or that he had spent way too much time in the tanning salon. I told my observations to Deona who tried to defend his leathery skin by telling me that he probably just wanted people to think he was Indian. Anyways, we ordered a couple of dishes to share which included Lamb Biryani, dal, chicken tiki masala, and samosas.

Brandon enjoying some dessert at Meridian 58
We also drank lassi, which is a yogurt based drink. Our food was delicious and great, although I wished it was spicier. I asked the waiter to flavor the food with the hottest spice they had, but I was disappointed to find out that their “Indian hot” flavor was not all that spicy.

After our tasty and very filling meal, we decided that we wanted to spend the rest of the evening low-key. Thus, we went on a search for a café. We walked around Palermo but couldn’t really find a café in the area. Then I remembered a café/bar that I had enjoyed a lot when I studied in Buenos Aires last year, called Meridian 58. We walked to the café and settled upstairs in the corner with some couches.

Luq and Deona
We enjoyed some very rich desserts and drank some cappuccinos. All of us were all very impressed by the chic and relaxing atmosphere. For those of you who are from Atlanta, Meridian 58 had a very Cafe Intermezzo feel to it.

I had a surreal moment during the conversation when it really hit me that I was in Buenos Aires, on the other side of the equator, thousands of miles away from Atlanta, drinking coffee with my friends! I could not believe that this was really happening. After I processed that thought, I became very grateful and felt so lucky that I was sharing my South American experiences with such good friends.

We dropped Deona off at her apartment after spending a couple of hours in Meridian 58 and then made our way back to our apartment. We all headed to bed relatively early, but then all sporadically woke up a couple hours later. Brandon woke up first and walked into the living room and started watching television. Then I woke up next because I heard the tv come on. I made my way into the living room to join Brandon and discovered that there had been a riot at the Constitution subway station. Apparently, the denizens of Buenos Aires, infuriated and frustrated at the lack of efficiency, rebelled at started a riot at the station. Police and armed guards had to be called in to quell the crowd. There were some injuries but no deaths reported. I woke up Luqman to watch the news with us and he jumped from bed to see what the ruckus was all about. After discussing citizens’ rights and the government for a while, we all went back to bed hoping that the violence would not repeat itself tomorrow. I especially hoped that everything would be okay because Wednesday was my birthday and I didn’t want the day to start off in a negative manner. I went to bed with my fingers crossed that tomorrow would start off on a good note.


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Inside one of the rooms in the Mos…
Inside one of the rooms in the Mo…
A fountain inside the Mosques com…
A fountain inside the Mosque's co…
The extra rich dessert that I coul…
The extra rich dessert that I cou…
Brandon enjoying some dessert at M…
Brandon enjoying some dessert at …
Luq and Deona
Luq and Deona
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