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Mont Tremblant is a village and incorporated municipality in the Laurentian mountains of Quebec, Canada, approximately 130 kilometers (81 mi) north-west of Montreal. [Extracted from Wikipedia] It is a 2+hrs bus ride from Montreal central bus station, really convenient. When I arrived at the bus station at Mont Tremblant, my gosh, the image is picturesque. It is exactly that postcard image of a snowy mountain. Mountain top covered with white snow, people skiing and snowboarding down the slopes, families gathering around the fire getting some warmth, and colorful shops lying on the different sides of the village. I was so excited and I just couldn't wait to get started. BUT, I had to check in into my motel first. To my horror, my motel wasn't anywhere near the main village. It turns out that the motel is 10 minutes drive away from the main village. Big thanks to this really nice local bus driver, the kind man gave me a lift all the way to my motel - Motel Normandie (read my review for the motel and Fairmont Hotel) Luckily, the motel is a not a bad one except that there isn't any internet connection. (Well, city dwellers just can't survive without internet isn't it? Maybe.) Anyway after I checked in, I headed straight to where the action is - the montagne (a bit of french here and there, not bad huh?)

Ya, so I went straight to the village and went straight to the snow school that I have enrolled into. The snow school offers different packages, while I enrolled in a group ski lesson in the noon at 1pm. The course is supposedly 4 days course, but whatever it's cheaper than the private lesson. (Oh, anyway the course is CAD$79 w/o taxes) Ya, so off we go put on our gears and right into learning how to ski. The lessons were really fun and kind of easy to pick up. After the lesson with the snow school you can just rent the gears and continue to ski as much as you want. Within 2 days, did lots of skiing, snowshoeing and ice skating. Oh oh, and I have to mention this, it was COLD! Like freezing cold up there. I underestimated the weather there and I could barely move on the first day. Thanks to some nice Canadian who introduced me to some warm pack thingy, something that can be bought at any winter sports shop @ like CAD$1+. The heat pack keeps me, at least a tad warmer. Anyway, I feel like I just didn't have enough. Time to time, I just think that it's really cool to have seasons in a country. I mean, you do get to do stuff like winter activities that just can't be done here (where I’m from, Singapore, is sunny all year round! Winter sports are impossible really.) The adage goes, "grass is always greener on another side," can't be more true. To many, tropical all year round seems cool but to folks like me do think that having season is good.

Okay, there I go again veering off... Besides engaging in winter activities, there were plenty of cool shops there in the village as well for people to shop. Being a girl, I have to emphasize again, shopping is just in our genes. So I did take some time out to shop around. There were several big brands there like Roots, Hally Hansen and general sports gear shops. Beside there were also lots of great bars and eatery out there. Special mention about this place called LUNCHSTOP cafe.
(I will write a separate review for this place so hang around to see the review.) Just a short summary about this place, it's a really nice internet cafe with really friendly staff!

In short, I spent 3 days @ Mont Tremblant just having as much winter fun and getting fat!

Stay tuned to more in part 3....

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Mont Tremblant
photo by: joc