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Part 3! Took the bus back to Montreal, after the awful experience @ Abri Du Voyageur Hotel I decide to not go back there again. Instead, I checked into Quality inn. (Manage to get the room @ 69 bucks per night from hotwire, what a steal really. Especially with its awesome location, refer to my review on Quality inn for more details =))

After checking in, I had the chance to meet a really sweet fellow travbuddy - Dominic. We met up and he showed me around the old Montréal area, namely Notre Dame, the Science Museum, Parliament House, Marché Bonsecours and Chinatown. Lots of walking involved in the cold evening, but really nice nevertheless. Evening ended off with a nice simple dinner at St Hubert, some chicken grill place that is pretty famous in Montreal, I figure out it's somewhat like fish and co. in Singapore. The dinner was good, has its own Canadian flavor in it. Personally, I feel no dinner is as good as one which has great company in it. This cannot be more true, Dominic is a great company. Very insightful as a traveler and very engaging as well.

30th pretty much ended like that, on a good note. The next day, I went back to visit Notre dame again, joining the guided tour. This beauty really lures me back.  I am really lucky and privileged to be able to set foot on both Notre Dame in Paris and Montréal. Both Notre Dame shares quite similar architecture structures, and the beauty of both Notre Dame is obvious. The tour was really interesting, obviously learning more things in the process. After visiting Notre Dame, I went for a walk at the Old port. (Big fan of casual walking, just enjoying the peace and the beautiful scenery) And make a round by passing the Chinatown again. In the daylight, I can really see Chinatown clearly, all the Chinese words and stuff. Being a Chinese myself I was quite curious to what is being sold there. To my surprise there was a really authentic Chinese bakery (worth visiting!) Their bread and pastries were all very nice, at least the ones that I tried, and very affordable as well. In addition, I can't believe my eyes but DURIANS were being sold there as well. (Photos will be uploaded soon I hope) Ya, durians! And when I was amazed and standing there taking photos, some Russian tourists were also curious about the fruit and asked me about it. Okay for the benefit for those who doesn't know what a durian is - it is King of the fruit in Asia. Durian is a thorny fruit with pungent smell (aroma to the Asians though), the part that can be eaten is the flesh surrounding the seeds inside the fruit. <== A MUST-TRY fruit when you are in Asia!

Ya, so after making the loop I ended up in St Catherine street again! So obviously, the shopping nature took over me again! Shopping! Last minute shopping on new year's eve! Sales were crazy! Like aldo was having 50% discount! And many more. Since it was new years eve most shops closed around 6, so I headed back to my hotel after that to get ready for NEW-YEAR-PARTY! New year party that I went for is the one a Club Opera, the one right across Abri Du Voyageur Hotel (I just had to contribute some noise for the residences staying inside, very mean I know.) Club Opera is pretty nice. (will write a review on this as well when I have time.) I ushered in the new year with some friends with style and lots of booze! Very memorable since it’s my FIRST, got to emphasize that! away from home~ away from my buddies! After the party was over, we went to my friend's hotel for more drinks and chilling before crashing back to Quality inn in the morning.

With the amount of alcohol in my system, it's expected, I woke up with one of the worst hangover ever. And just crashed in my hotel pretty much for the rest of the day. Then waking up for more party action on new year’s day. We bought one of this bar hop bracelet from club zone which allowed us to bar/club hop on 1st and 2nd Jan, pretty cool. (And I think this is a great concept, seriously. Singapore should have something like that...) Ya, so more partying on 1st, we club went to Light Ultra Club only, didn't really hopped around partly because we were lazy. So ya more booze and partying on new year’s day!

And pretty much my new year ended like that. And I needed to pack because I’m going home, sadly. To sum up my trip to Montréal was really fun. I am so lost for adjective now as to how I feel. People there are awesome, friendly and helpful. City is unique and vibrant. Plus the snows, what more can I ask for to usher in the new year like that. I definitely will go back to Montréal one day and also to visit other parts of Canada! Love the life there!

Before I go, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you if you are reading this! Drop me a line or two if you like these! Au revoir~


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photo by: cvanzoen