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Montreal in my opinion, is a modern city with a hint of French flavor, with hidden European architecture, an exciting LA kind of nightlife and its own unique flavor. By some simple googling, you will find out that Montréal is the 2nd largest city in Canada and the largest city in Quebec province, it is big trust me. Although I am there for more than a week, I have yet to visit all the places yet. I mean there is more than 30 Musée in Montreal, more than 100 clubs and bars and there are more lots of nice little towns outside the city itself. It's really impossible to explore such a fine city in a week.

Okay so here's a recap of my whirlwind trip to Montréal~

First & Second day. - Stay @ Hotel l'Abri Du Voyageur (Sainte Catherine West read my review for steamy details about the hotel)

Okay so first day, I landed in Trudeau airport at 8+ at night, by the time I checked in and stuff it's around 10+. So feeling hungry I walked around Sainte Catherine area, at least the area near my hotel just to check things out. So it turns out the place that I was staying was an 'old' red light district, there are like 2 sex shops right at the ground floor of the building. In addition, a few call girls are loitering around as well to look for potential mates.  Anyway back to the food. There were some small shops still opened, so I had the chance to try the staple diner food of Québec, the Poutine. I heard about it before I went there, sounded weird initially but I tried it nevertheless. For the benefit of those that don't know, Poutine kind of originated from Québec and now can be found all over Canada. Poutine is basically a bowl of HOT fries with cheese curd put all over it. Since it's hot, the cheese melts, and finally beef gravy is drizzled all over it to keep the fries warm and also to add flavor to it. Let me tell you, it’s really good, especially with the melted cheese! Super sinful BUT definitely a must-try food when you are in Montreal or even Canada. The night ended with the supper.

Day 2 - To central bus station to buy bus tickets to Mont Tremblant and did some walking on the wet chilly day.

If I didn't remember wrongly, it was a little wet in the morning due to the overnight drizzle and the weather that day was -9°C I think, I might be wrong, whatever it is it was cold. Anyway, I started my day by going to the central bus station at De Maisonneuve Boulevard to get ticket to Mont Tremblant the next day. Round trip bus ticket for student is CAD$45++ with taxes, a really economical way to travel. So after I got my tickets, it was off for more walking again.

First place I visited that day was Parc Du Mont-Royal. Well with the word 'Mont' inside, I really expected a mountain of some sort, but no. Mont Royal is only 233m above sea level (from the brochure I got along the way.) Essentially, this is a park, a really big park. Too big to walk around the whole thing, so I just picked a few places to explore. One of which is some peaks inside. The peak is really worth visiting, offers you a stunning view of the city itself and not to mention its rich history, much to learn over there. Secondly, I took a stroll at one of the cemetery near the edge of the park. Creepy? Not really, actually it's a pretty serene place, really nice and quiet. (People visit this place someday, it's really nice.) So after spending a few hours at Parc Du Mont-Royal, I’m off to the next destination.

Via the really convenient metro, I alighted at McGill station. Okay, first a bit about the metro there. You can get an Opus card at any metro station and top it up with cash. So basically there are different forms of fares you can choose from like a day pass at CAD$9 or a 3 day pass I think for CAD$17 and by per trip will be CAD$2. (Hope the information helps.) Sorry for the side tracking yet again, so I alighted at McGill station. Two streets behind the station is McGill University and the campus is about 32 hectares. Being a student myself, I walked through the campus. The campus is really pretty with fine European touch. Right in the interior, is the university hospital and the hospital (Royal Victoria Hospital) is really beautiful I have to say. After the walk, I walked down Rue St Catherine (the shopping district) just to potentially see which shops I have to go into just before I leave! Gosh, there are so many major brand names there, seriously a women's paradise there! Plus there was the Christmas and New Year sale; life just can't get any better isn't it?! That is all for the 2nd day.

More on the next post when I’m in my next destination! (Mont Tremblant~)



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photo by: cvanzoen