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After having spent almost 4 years in Brussels and now returning to Copenhagen but working in both Denmark and Sweden. I decided to become a tourist in my two old hometowns; Copenhagen and Stockholm. It had given me great pleasure to be a tourist in Brussels and Belgium; I am therefore hoping that I can find the same pleasure in returning to Copenhagen and working in Stockholm too This blog will be a dedication to the region where I have spent most of my adult time.

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December 3rd, 2009Valby, Denmark
December 6th, 2009Arlanda, Sweden
December 7th, 2009Copenhagen, Denmark
December 13th, 2009Arlanda, Sweden
December 16th, 2009Solna, Sweden
December 16th, 2009Stockholm, Sweden
December 17th, 2009Arlanda, Sweden
December 22nd, 2009Copenhagen, Denmark
December 22nd, 2009Arlanda, Sweden
December 25th, 2009Copenhagen, Denmark
December 26th, 2009Oresundsbroen, Denmark
December 26th, 2009Copenhagen, Denmark
December 26th, 2009Malmo, Sweden
December 27th, 2009Copenhagen, Denmark
December 28th, 2009Copenhagen, Denmark
December 29th, 2009Rodby, Denmark
December 29th, 2009Strukkamp, Germany
January 5th, 2010Valby, Denmark
January 12th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
January 13th, 2010Arlanda, Sweden
January 13th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
January 15th, 2010Frederiksberg, Denmark
January 16th, 2010Frederiksberg, Denmark
January 18th, 2010Frederiksberg, Denmark
January 18th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
January 19th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
January 20th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
January 21st, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
January 23rd, 2010Copenhagen Fishing Habour, Denmark
January 25th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
January 27th, 2010Vabensted, Denmark
January 27th, 2010Rodbyhavn - Puttgarden Ferry, Germany
January 27th, 2010Strukkamp, Germany
January 27th, 2010Grossenbrode, Germany
February 2nd, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
February 3rd, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
February 4th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
February 6th, 2010Helsingor, Denmark
February 6th, 2010Tisvildeleje, Denmark
February 11th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
February 12th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
February 14th, 2010Honsinge, Denmark
February 14th, 2010Havnebyen, Denmark
February 14th, 2010Gniben, Denmark
February 14th, 2010Rageleje, Denmark
February 14th, 2010Nykobing Sjaelland, Denmark
February 16th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
February 17th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
February 20th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
February 22nd, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
February 26th, 2010Roskilde, Denmark
February 26th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
March 3rd, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
March 5th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
March 20th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
March 21st, 2010Frederiksberg, Denmark
March 21st, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
March 21st, 2010Kastrup, Denmark
March 21st, 2010Dragor, Denmark
March 24th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
March 25th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
March 27th, 2010Ishoj, Denmark
March 27th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
March 27th, 2010Roskilde, Denmark
March 29th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
March 30th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
April 11th, 2010Valby, Denmark
April 12th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
April 15th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
April 17th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
April 17th, 2010Hornbaek, Denmark
May 27th, 2010Arlanda, Sweden
May 28th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
June 4th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
June 5th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
June 8th, 2010Soenderborg, Denmark
June 11th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
June 12th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
June 17th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
June 23rd, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
June 27th, 2010Kragevig, Denmark
June 27th, 2010Stavreby, Denmark
June 27th, 2010Praestoe, Denmark
June 27th, 2010Maderne, Denmark
June 27th, 2010Bonsvig, Denmark
June 28th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
June 29th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
July 5th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
July 6th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
July 12th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
July 13th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
July 15th, 2010Arhus, Denmark
July 15th, 2010Aastrup, Denmark
July 22nd, 2010Frederiksberg, Denmark
July 23rd, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
July 24th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
July 25th, 2010Dragor, Denmark
August 5th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
August 11th, 2010Gardermoen, Norway
September 5th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
September 9th, 2010Taby, Sweden
September 14th, 2010Arhus, Denmark
September 14th, 2010Ega, Denmark
September 15th, 2010Brovst, Denmark
September 15th, 2010Arhus, Denmark
September 27th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
September 28th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
September 29th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
September 30th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
October 2nd, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
October 4th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
October 6th, 2010Valby, Denmark
October 16th, 2010Hornbaek, Denmark
October 18th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
October 21st, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
October 24th, 2010Kolding, Denmark
October 30th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
November 5th, 2010Skorping, Denmark
November 5th, 2010Aarestrup, Denmark
November 5th, 2010Rebild, Denmark
November 6th, 2010Rebild, Denmark
November 6th, 2010Aars, Denmark
November 6th, 2010Ranum, Denmark
November 6th, 2010Erteboelle, Denmark
November 6th, 2010Gedsted, Denmark
November 6th, 2010Hvalpsund, Denmark
November 7th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
November 8th, 2010Arlanda, Sweden
November 9th, 2010Arlanda, Sweden
November 9th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
November 11th, 2010Stouby, Denmark
November 13th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
November 14th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
November 14th, 2010Frederiksberg, Denmark
November 29th, 2010Rosersberg, Sweden
November 30th, 2010Rosersberg, Sweden
November 30th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
December 1st, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
December 2nd, 2010Solna, Sweden
December 5th, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
December 14th, 2010Stockholm, Sweden
December 15th, 2010Arlanda, Sweden
December 21st, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
December 23rd, 2010Copenhagen, Denmark
December 23rd, 2010Frederiksberg, Denmark
December 24th, 2010Albertslund, Denmark
January 15th, 2011Copenhagen, Denmark
January 16th, 2011Gislaved, Sweden
February 2nd, 2011Arlanda, Sweden
February 3rd, 2011Frederiksberg, Denmark
February 15th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
February 18th, 2011Aalborg, Denmark
February 24th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
February 26th, 2011Copenhagen, Denmark
February 26th, 2011Frederiksberg, Denmark
March 17th, 2011Copenhagen, Denmark
March 23rd, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
March 24th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
March 25th, 2011Copenhagen, Denmark
May 9th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
May 10th, 2011Copenhagen, Denmark
June 6th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
June 7th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
June 8th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
June 21st, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
June 22nd, 2011Copenhagen, Denmark
June 29th, 2011Copenhagen, Denmark
July 1st, 2011Copenhagen, Denmark
July 19th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
July 20th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
August 13th, 2011Copenhagen, Denmark
August 13th, 2011Frederiksberg, Denmark
August 14th, 2011Copenhagen, Denmark
August 18th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
September 11th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
September 12th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
September 19th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
September 20th, 2011Aars, Denmark
September 29th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
October 1st, 2011Copenhagen, Denmark
October 2nd, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
October 4th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
October 6th, 2011Copenhagen, Denmark
October 10th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
October 11th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
October 11th, 2011Struer, Denmark
October 11th, 2011Copenhagen, Denmark
October 16th, 2011Copenhagen, Denmark
October 16th, 2011Kastrup, Denmark
October 23rd, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
October 24th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
October 25th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
October 29th, 2011Copenhagen, Denmark
October 30th, 2011Copenhagen, Denmark
October 30th, 2011Helsingor, Denmark
October 30th, 2011Hornbaek, Denmark
October 30th, 2011Kirkelte, Denmark
November 8th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
November 17th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
November 18th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
November 23rd, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
November 24th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
November 30th, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
December 1st, 2011Stockholm, Sweden
January 17th, 2012Stockholm, Sweden
January 31st, 2012Stockholm, Sweden
February 1st, 2012Stockholm, Sweden
February 9th, 2012Copenhagen, Denmark
February 16th, 2012Stockholm, Sweden
February 17th, 2012Kastrup, Denmark
February 17th, 2012Arlanda, Sweden
February 17th, 2012Helsingor, Denmark
February 17th, 2012Saltholm, Denmark
February 29th, 2012Copenhagen, Denmark
March 2nd, 2012Copenhagen, Denmark
March 6th, 2012Stockholm, Sweden
March 11th, 2012Stockholm, Sweden
March 12th, 2012Stockholm, Sweden
March 13th, 2012Stockholm, Sweden
March 14th, 2012Stockholm, Sweden
March 14th, 2012Copenhagen, Denmark
March 23rd, 2012Stege, Denmark
March 24th, 2012Stege, Denmark
March 24th, 2012Mons Klint, Denmark
April 14th, 2012Yderby, Denmark
May 10th, 2012Stockholm, Sweden
May 12th, 2012Malmo, Sweden
May 15th, 2012Lidingo, Sweden
June 22nd, 2012Copenhagen, Denmark
June 30th, 2012Copenhagen, Denmark
July 2nd, 2012Stockholm, Sweden
July 4th, 2012Frederiksberg, Denmark
July 4th, 2012Copenhagen, Denmark
July 8th, 2012Padborg, Denmark
July 8th, 2012Copenhagen, Denmark
July 10th, 2012Copenhagen, Denmark
July 10th, 2012Malmo, Sweden
July 11th, 2012Vig, Denmark
July 25th, 2012Copenhagen, Denmark
July 26th, 2012Albertslund, Denmark
July 26th, 2012Copenhagen, Denmark
July 31st, 2012Stockholm, Sweden
August 1st, 2012Copenhagen, Denmark
August 2nd, 2012Copenhagen, Denmark
August 5th, 2012Albertslund, Denmark
August 5th, 2012Copenhagen, Denmark
August 7th, 2012Copenhagen, Denmark
August 8th, 2012Stockholm, Sweden
August 11th, 2012Frederiksberg, Denmark
August 11th, 2012Hojby, Denmark
August 11th, 2012Vig, Denmark
August 11th, 2012Copenhagen, Denmark
August 12th, 2012Copenhagen, Denmark
August 13th, 2012Jonkoping, Sweden
August 15th, 2012Stockholm, Sweden
August 19th, 2012Hoje-Taastrup, Denmark
August 19th, 2012Sengelose, Denmark
August 19th, 2012Copenhagen, Denmark
August 20th, 2012Copenhagen, Denmark
August 23rd, 2012Stockholm, Sweden
September 26th, 2012Stockholm, Sweden
September 26th, 2012Sollentuna, Sweden
November 25th, 2012Copenhagen, Denmark
November 27th, 2012Stockholm, Sweden
December 5th, 2012Arlanda, Sweden
December 6th, 2012Copenhagen, Denmark
January 9th, 2013Stockholm, Sweden
February 1st, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
February 4th, 2013Arlanda, Sweden
February 5th, 2013Vejle, Denmark
February 5th, 2013Horning, Denmark
February 5th, 2013Vissenbjerg, Denmark
February 6th, 2013Solna, Sweden
February 6th, 2013Arlanda, Sweden
February 8th, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
February 11th, 2013Stockholm, Sweden
April 20th, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
May 14th, 2013Stockholm, Sweden
May 17th, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
May 18th, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
May 23rd, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
May 25th, 2013Albertslund, Denmark
May 31st, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
May 31st, 2013Roskilde, Denmark
May 31st, 2013Jyllinge, Denmark
May 31st, 2013Svestrup, Denmark
May 31st, 2013Ledoje, Denmark
June 1st, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
June 2nd, 2013Stockholm, Sweden
June 10th, 2013Arlanda, Sweden
June 14th, 2013Kastrup, Denmark
June 16th, 2013Stockholm, Sweden
June 19th, 2013Vaxholm, Sweden
June 19th, 2013Stockholm, Sweden
June 20th, 2013Frederiksberg, Denmark
June 21st, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
June 26th, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
June 27th, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
July 1st, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
July 8th, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
July 9th, 2013Dragor, Denmark
July 9th, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
July 9th, 2013Frederiksberg, Denmark
July 10th, 2013Vedbaek, Denmark
July 10th, 2013Kokkedal, Denmark
July 10th, 2013Helsingor, Denmark
July 10th, 2013Hornbaek, Denmark
July 11th, 2013Oerestaden, Denmark
July 11th, 2013Valby, Denmark
July 11th, 2013Roskilde, Denmark
July 12th, 2013Gothenburg, Sweden
July 12th, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
July 17th, 2013Stockholm, Sweden
July 18th, 2013Frederiksberg, Denmark
July 19th, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
July 21st, 2013Albertslund, Denmark
July 21st, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
July 21st, 2013Frederiksberg, Denmark
July 24th, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
August 23rd, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
September 20th, 2013Varpsund, Sweden
September 20th, 2013Glanshammar, Sweden
September 20th, 2013Skattkarr, Sweden
September 20th, 2013Han, Sweden
September 20th, 2013Stommen, Sweden
September 20th, 2013Oslo, Norway
September 20th, 2013Mysen, Norway
September 21st, 2013Svartskog, Norway
September 21st, 2013Stromstad, Sweden
September 21st, 2013Ljungskile, Sweden
September 21st, 2013Oresundsbroen, Denmark
September 21st, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
September 21st, 2013Oslo, Norway
September 25th, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
October 5th, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
October 6th, 2013Frederiksberg, Denmark
October 6th, 2013Honsinge, Denmark
October 6th, 2013Valby, Denmark
October 21st, 2013Stockholm, Sweden
October 21st, 2013Arlanda, Sweden
October 22nd, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
October 28th, 2013Stockholm, Sweden
October 30th, 2013Arlanda, Sweden
October 31st, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
November 9th, 2013Lillerød, Denmark
November 11th, 2013Stockholm, Sweden
November 22nd, 2013Stockholm, Sweden
November 22nd, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
November 23rd, 2013Arlanda, Sweden
December 10th, 2013Copenhagen, Denmark
December 12th, 2013Copenhagen Airport, Denmark
December 12th, 2013Solna, Sweden
December 13th, 2013Frederiksberg, Denmark
December 14th, 2013Tastrup, Denmark
December 17th, 2013Stockholm, Sweden
December 19th, 2013Stockholm, Sweden
December 21st, 2013Frederiksberg, Denmark
March 12th, 2014Oslo, Norway
April 3rd, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
April 7th, 2014Arlanda, Sweden
April 10th, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
April 13th, 2014Rodby, Denmark
April 30th, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
April 30th, 2014Arlanda, Sweden
May 1st, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
May 1st, 2014Frederiksberg, Denmark
May 2nd, 2014Vallensbak, Denmark
May 3rd, 2014Albertslund, Denmark
May 3rd, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
May 4th, 2014Frederiksberg, Denmark
May 5th, 2014Stockholm, Sweden
May 7th, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
May 7th, 2014Arlanda, Sweden
May 8th, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
May 8th, 2014Arlanda, Sweden
May 8th, 2014Copenhagen Airport, Denmark
May 12th, 2014Stockholm, Sweden
May 13th, 2014Stockholm, Sweden
May 14th, 2014Stockholm, Sweden
May 14th, 2014Copenhagen Airport, Denmark
May 14th, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
May 16th, 2014Annisse, Denmark
May 16th, 2014Albertslund, Denmark
May 16th, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
May 17th, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
May 22nd, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
May 23rd, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
June 5th, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
June 8th, 2014Maribo, Denmark
June 8th, 2014Faro, Denmark
June 11th, 2014Stockholm, Sweden
June 15th, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
June 15th, 2014Helsingor, Denmark
June 15th, 2014Esrum, Denmark
June 15th, 2014Fredensborg, Denmark
June 15th, 2014Stenlose, Denmark
June 15th, 2014Nybolle, Denmark
June 30th, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
July 4th, 2014Copenhagen Airport, Denmark
July 5th, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
July 5th, 2014Oresundsbroen, Denmark
July 5th, 2014Malmo, Sweden
July 6th, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
July 8th, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
August 22nd, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
September 13th, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
September 18th, 2014Frederiksberg, Denmark
September 18th, 2014Sweden
September 19th, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
September 19th, 2014Frederiksberg, Denmark
September 22nd, 2014Stockholm, Sweden
October 6th, 2014Sweden
October 15th, 2014Stockholm, Sweden
October 17th, 2014Oresundsbroen, Denmark
October 18th, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
October 20th, 2014Solna, Sweden
October 20th, 2014Stockholm, Sweden
October 21st, 2014Solna, Sweden
October 22nd, 2014Stockholm, Sweden
October 23rd, 2014Solna, Sweden
October 23rd, 2014Stockholm, Sweden
October 31st, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
November 3rd, 2014Stockholm, Sweden
November 3rd, 2014Frederiksberg, Denmark
November 4th, 2014Stockholm, Sweden
November 5th, 2014Stockholm, Sweden
November 20th, 2014Copenhagen, Denmark
January 29th, 2015Copenhagen, Denmark
February 27th, 2015Copenhagen, Denmark
March 3rd, 2015Frederiksberg, Denmark
March 4th, 2015Solna, Sweden
March 4th, 2015Stockholm, Sweden
April 23rd, 2015Copenhagen, Denmark
April 27th, 2015Stockholm, Sweden
May 12th, 2015Korsor, Denmark
May 24th, 2015Oslo, Norway
May 26th, 2015Odeshog, Sweden
June 1st, 2015Stockholm, Sweden
June 2nd, 2015Stockholm, Sweden
June 3rd, 2015Trollstigen, Norway
June 3rd, 2015Afarnes, Norway
June 3rd, 2015Rauma, Norway
June 3rd, 2015Andalsnes, Norway
June 3rd, 2015Nesjestranda, Norway
June 3rd, 2015Molde, Norway
June 3rd, 2015Bruvoll, Norway
June 3rd, 2015Eidsvoll, Norway
June 3rd, 2015Ullensaker, Norway
June 4th, 2015Molde, Norway
June 4th, 2015Andalsnes, Norway
June 5th, 2015Hillerod, Denmark
June 5th, 2015Frederiksberg, Denmark
June 5th, 2015Annisse, Denmark
June 5th, 2015Roskilde, Denmark
June 5th, 2015Slangerup, Denmark
June 5th, 2015Albertslund, Denmark
June 7th, 2015Prasto, Denmark
June 13th, 2015Copenhagen, Denmark
June 13th, 2015Frederiksberg, Denmark
July 4th, 2015Dragor, Denmark
July 6th, 2015Stockholm, Sweden
July 7th, 2015Copenhagen, Denmark
July 10th, 2015Copenhagen, Denmark
July 18th, 2015Copenhagen, Denmark
July 25th, 2015Frederiksberg, Denmark
July 26th, 2015Frederiksberg, Denmark
July 27th, 2015Albertslund, Denmark
July 27th, 2015Lundtofte, Denmark
July 27th, 2015Frederiksberg, Denmark
July 27th, 2015Hillerød, Denmark
July 28th, 2015Copenhagen, Denmark
July 28th, 2015Frederiksberg, Denmark
August 1st, 2015Copenhagen, Denmark
August 6th, 2015Copenhagen, Denmark
August 9th, 2015Copenhagen, Denmark
August 10th, 2015Helsingor, Denmark
August 10th, 2015Copenhagen, Denmark
August 10th, 2015Kastrup, Denmark
August 10th, 2015Frederiksberg, Denmark
August 11th, 2015Copenhagen, Denmark
August 12th, 2015Albertslund, Denmark
August 12th, 2015Frederiksberg, Denmark
August 12th, 2015Copenhagen, Denmark
August 13th, 2015Copenhagen, Denmark
August 14th, 2015Copenhagen, Denmark
August 15th, 2015Soro, Denmark
August 15th, 2015Naestved, Denmark
August 15th, 2015Prasto, Denmark
August 15th, 2015Kirke Saby, Denmark
August 15th, 2015Nyrup, Denmark
August 16th, 2015Frederiksberg, Denmark
August 17th, 2015Copenhagen, Denmark
August 17th, 2015Kastrup, Denmark
August 17th, 2015Frederiksberg, Denmark
August 17th, 2015Arlanda, Sweden
August 19th, 2015Dragor, Denmark
August 19th, 2015Arlanda, Sweden
August 19th, 2015Stockholm, Sweden
August 20th, 2015Stockholm, Sweden
August 21st, 2015Arlanda, Sweden
August 22nd, 2015Copenhagen, Denmark
August 23rd, 2015Copenhagen, Denmark
August 24th, 2015Kastrup, Denmark
August 24th, 2015Stockholm, Sweden
October 8th, 2015Arlanda, Sweden
October 8th, 2015Rosersberg, Sweden
October 9th, 2015Rosersberg, Sweden
October 12th, 2015Solna, Sweden
October 13th, 2015Kastrup, Denmark
October 13th, 2015Arlanda, Sweden
October 14th, 2015Ishoj, Denmark
October 14th, 2015Copenhagen, Denmark
October 15th, 2015Frederiksberg, Denmark
October 16th, 2015Copenhagen, Denmark
October 16th, 2015Albertslund, Denmark
October 17th, 2015Raadvad, Denmark
October 17th, 2015Copenhagen, Denmark
October 18th, 2015Frederiksberg, Denmark
October 19th, 2015Kastrup, Denmark
October 19th, 2015Solna, Sweden
October 19th, 2015Stockholm, Sweden
March 13th, 2016Kastrup, Denmark
March 15th, 2016Frederiksberg, Denmark
March 15th, 2016Arlanda, Sweden
March 15th, 2016Stockholm, Sweden
March 16th, 2016Solna, Sweden
March 16th, 2016Stockholm, Sweden
March 17th, 2016Stockholm, Sweden
March 17th, 2016Solna, Sweden
April 10th, 2016Frederiksberg, Denmark
April 17th, 2016Copenhagen, Denmark
April 28th, 2016Kastrup, Denmark
April 29th, 2016Copenhagen, Denmark
April 30th, 2016Copenhagen, Denmark
May 1st, 2016Copenhagen, Denmark
May 1st, 2016Frederiksberg, Denmark
June 23rd, 2016Arlanda, Sweden
June 23rd, 2016Kastrup, Denmark
June 24th, 2016Copenhagen, Denmark
June 26th, 2016Frederiksberg, Denmark
June 27th, 2016Aalborg, Denmark
June 29th, 2016Huddinge, Sweden
June 30th, 2016Mariestad, Sweden
June 30th, 2016Aalborg, Denmark
July 1st, 2016Gothenburg, Sweden
July 1st, 2016Oslo, Norway
July 2nd, 2016Bergen, Norway
July 3rd, 2016Bergen, Norway
July 3rd, 2016Espe, Norway
July 4th, 2016Skare, Norway
July 4th, 2016Notodden, Norway
July 4th, 2016Roldal, Norway
July 4th, 2016Hoysand, Norway
July 4th, 2016Haukeligrend, Norway
July 4th, 2016Hoydalsmo, Norway
July 4th, 2016Uddevalla, Sweden
July 4th, 2016Kastrup, Denmark
July 4th, 2016Odda, Norway
July 5th, 2016Oslo, Norway
July 7th, 2016Bergen, Norway
July 9th, 2016Copenhagen, Denmark
July 11th, 2016Stockholm, Sweden
July 13th, 2016Frederiksberg, Denmark
August 6th, 2016Copenhagen, Denmark
September 15th, 2016Uppsala, Sweden
November 13th, 2016Skibotn, Norway
December 4th, 2016Frederiksberg, Denmark
December 7th, 2016Stockholm, Sweden
December 10th, 2016Frederiksberg, Denmark
December 10th, 2016Copenhagen, Denmark
April 22nd, 2017Copenhagen, Denmark
April 29th, 2017Copenhagen, Denmark
May 3rd, 2017Stockholm, Sweden
May 3rd, 2017Solna, Sweden
May 4th, 2017Frederiksberg, Denmark
May 6th, 2017Simrishamn, Sweden
May 6th, 2017Loderup, Sweden
May 6th, 2017Malmo, Sweden
May 6th, 2017Vitaby, Sweden
May 7th, 2017Dragor, Denmark
May 7th, 2017Copenhagen, Denmark
May 7th, 2017Frederiksberg, Denmark
May 9th, 2017Solna, Sweden
May 12th, 2017Eket, Sweden
May 12th, 2017Roke, Sweden
May 12th, 2017Dio, Sweden
May 12th, 2017Ljungby, Sweden
May 12th, 2017Vittaryd, Sweden
May 12th, 2017Varnamo, Sweden
May 13th, 2017Vrigstad, Sweden
May 13th, 2017Savsjo, Sweden
May 13th, 2017Vetlanda, Sweden
May 13th, 2017Korsberga, Sweden
May 13th, 2017Norrhult, Sweden
May 13th, 2017Kosta, Sweden
May 13th, 2017Eriksmala, Sweden
May 13th, 2017Broakulla, Sweden
May 13th, 2017Boda, Sweden
May 13th, 2017Orsjo, Sweden
May 13th, 2017Nybro, Sweden
May 13th, 2017Alsjoholm, Sweden
May 13th, 2017Lessebo, Sweden
May 14th, 2017Anderstorp, Sweden
May 14th, 2017Gislaved, Sweden
May 14th, 2017Smalandsstenar, Sweden
May 14th, 2017Hyltebruk, Sweden
May 14th, 2017Albertslund, Denmark
May 16th, 2017Arlanda, Sweden
May 17th, 2017Frederiksberg, Denmark
May 20th, 2017Copenhagen, Denmark
May 21st, 2017Copenhagen, Denmark
May 22nd, 2017Frederiksberg, Denmark
May 23rd, 2017Stockholm, Sweden
May 24th, 2017Arlanda, Sweden
May 24th, 2017Kastrup, Denmark
May 25th, 2017Copenhagen, Denmark
May 25th, 2017Kastrup, Denmark
May 26th, 2017Copenhagen, Denmark
May 27th, 2017Frederiksberg, Denmark
May 27th, 2017Copenhagen, Denmark
May 28th, 2017Copenhagen, Denmark
May 29th, 2017Valby, Denmark
May 30th, 2017Frederiksberg, Denmark
May 31st, 2017Kastrup, Denmark
June 1st, 2017Aarhus, Denmark
June 1st, 2017Frederiksberg, Denmark
June 3rd, 2017Copenhagen, Denmark
June 6th, 2017Kongens Lyngby, Denmark
June 6th, 2017Frederiksberg, Denmark
June 7th, 2017Kastrup, Denmark
June 11th, 2017Albertslund, Denmark
June 14th, 2017Andalsnes, Norway
June 15th, 2017Rauma, Norway
June 15th, 2017Andalsnes, Norway
June 18th, 2017Copenhagen, Denmark
June 19th, 2017Frederiksberg, Denmark
June 20th, 2017Danderyd, Sweden
June 21st, 2017Arlanda, Sweden
June 22nd, 2017Frederiksberg, Denmark
June 22nd, 2017Arlanda, Sweden
June 23rd, 2017Copenhagen, Denmark
June 26th, 2017Stockholm, Sweden
June 26th, 2017Arlanda, Sweden
June 28th, 2017Kastrup, Denmark
June 28th, 2017Stockholm, Sweden
June 29th, 2017Frederiksberg, Denmark
June 29th, 2017Kastrup, Denmark
June 29th, 2017Arlanda, Sweden
June 30th, 2017Copenhagen, Denmark
July 4th, 2017Stockholm, Sweden
July 5th, 2017Arlanda, Sweden
July 5th, 2017Kastrup, Denmark
July 6th, 2017Dragor, Denmark
July 8th, 2017Dragor, Denmark
July 9th, 2017Copenhagen, Denmark
July 9th, 2017Frederiksberg, Denmark
July 12th, 2017Stockholm, Sweden
July 13th, 2017Arlanda, Sweden
July 13th, 2017Gothenburg, Sweden
July 13th, 2017Landvetter, Sweden
July 13th, 2017Stockholm, Sweden
July 15th, 2017Lyngby, Denmark
July 16th, 2017Frederiksberg, Denmark
July 16th, 2017Dragor, Denmark
July 17th, 2017Copenhagen, Denmark
August 13th, 2017Copenhagen, Denmark
August 13th, 2017Dragor, Denmark
August 13th, 2017Frederiksberg, Denmark
August 14th, 2017Arlanda, Sweden
August 14th, 2017Stockholm, Sweden
August 15th, 2017Stockholm, Sweden
August 16th, 2017Stockholm, Sweden
August 18th, 2017Copenhagen, Denmark
August 19th, 2017Frederiksberg, Denmark
August 19th, 2017Copenhagen, Denmark
August 20th, 2017Dragor, Denmark
October 23rd, 2017Arlanda, Sweden
October 23rd, 2017Stockholm, Sweden
October 24th, 2017Solna, Sweden
October 24th, 2017Stockholm, Sweden
October 26th, 2017Arlanda, Sweden
October 27th, 2017Copenhagen, Denmark
October 28th, 2017Copenhagen, Denmark
October 29th, 2017Copenhagen, Denmark
October 29th, 2017Dragor, Denmark