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Driving south towards the ferry

I was on my way back to Brussels to close my office and to pack the last things down. I knew it was going to take some time because I had collected a lot of stuff over the last almost 4 years in Belgium. At the same time I had planned to stay there for a whole week; saying farewell to some of my friends but also celebrating the New Year in Grimbergen.


The weather was quite nice; it was the forth time in tree weeks that I was driving the trip back and forth to Brussels from Copenhagen. I could almost; well I could the route by heart now. From Copenhagen to Rødby (the ferry), then going for Hannover, Dortmund, Venlo, Antwerp and the Brussels.


I knew already that it would take me approximately 9 hours due to the weather. The longest trip had been the on home one week before Christmas where I was driving together with all Pollack’s going back for Christmas in a snowstorm; it took me 16 hours – I had to stop two times tree hours because it was impossible to move. This time the weather looked much better.


I had stated to drive another way than I used to do in the beginning when I was doing the Brussels-Copenhagen trip. Earlier I had never taken the ferry more than once or twice; I always felt it was too slow, but with all the snow the shorter distance had a larger effect and the break on the ferry made me good as well. Driving 1000 kilometre in the snow was rather tiring for the eyes and the concentration.   


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Driving south towards the ferry
Driving south towards the ferry
Entering the ferry on a beautiful …
Entering the ferry on a beautiful…
photo by: Chokk