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It was difficult to find a hotel in this region because the one of large Unions had their yearly conference the same week as I was visiting this northern part of the Denmark. As a result I ended up far out in the country side on an old castle being part of a chain of castle hotels in Denmark. 

When you arrive the white castle is towering high and from the tower itself there is magnificent views over the country, Limfjorden, forests and beaches. I arrived around 7.30 pm and was supposed to be at their restaurant at 8 pm, so I had just time to change after sitting in meetings all afternoon. I got my key from the multifunctional receptionist who also turned out to be the waiter during the dinner.

I went to my room on the 1st floor and really enjoyed what was behind the door. I quite fancy these old castle rooms if they have done something in order to make them look like special and that was the case here. The centre piece of the room was the huge bed with drapes hanging down.

The room was made nice in a classic romantic way and it was obvious that this place was living of wedding and of people coming here to have a spoiled weekend with lavish food and wine and in a cosy environment.

The food in the restaurant was quite okay and the wines were perfect too. After the dinner we went in to a red lounge and enjoyed our coffee and drinks. Next morning we had to leave at 7 am because some had a plane to catch and I had promised to drive them. The breakfast was not ready before 8 am and there were even not anyone in the reception, so we had to let another pay for the rooms; one that left after 8 pm.

The Kokkedal Castle is a very well kept Middle Age castle. The history of the castle dates back to 1016, when the Danish Knud the Great conquered Britain; he later also became king of Norway as well. The original castle burnt down in 1441 during the large peasant riot of Jutland, and the riot was actually was stopped not that far west for the castle.

The current castle with it’s secret passages, embrasures and moats was built by Eric Banner in 1540. The guns standing in front of the castle descends from the Battle of the Bay of Koge back in 1677. During WW II the castle was a military headquarter for the German troops in charge of building all the bunkers along the coast of Jutland.

There are loads of stories of ghosts on the castle on goes about a woman called Karen Galde who had a preposterous appetite for gourmet food and delicatessens’ and therefore made a pact with the devil; she could eat ad libitum in exchange for her soul. Therefore a burial horse carriage rides through the gates and drives directly to hell sometimes during the night.

The Knight Lykkes daughter became pregnant during a knight tournament at the castle and as it was common then, she was put into the wall in order not to bring shame to the family. Her steps and voice can be heard in the hallways.

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It was difficult to find a hotel in this region because the one of large Unions had their yearly conference the same week as I was visiting this north… read entire review