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I was home from work and my moving back of all the furniture from Brussels was getting really close; there was less than a week until the movers would come and pack all my stuff down in my apartment in Brussels and I felt that I was being split from all ends.

I had just come back from a wonderful and relaxing holiday in Egypt two days earlier and from lovely 30 degrees celsius. I was now sitting having lunch in a frozen Copenhagen that again would be my home base. Looking out the window raized loads of thoughts; was I out of my mind or was I doing the right thing?

The following day I was on my way to a weekend break again far from both Brussels and Copenhagen; I was going to Lyon with my friend Maxime for the light festival and a visit to my Travbuddy friend Bernard. I was starting to wonder if I had made the program too tough, I hardly had time to breath!

The main reason that I was coming back to Copenhagen was that I also liked it here, I had to admit to myself. 4 year earlier I would have guessed that I missed my friend too but I had made wonderful new friends in Belgium that I would miss just as much. 

I was on my way to check if my apartment was ready to cope with the movers and all my stuff from Brussels, when I decided that I needed a lunch and have a break in all my worries.

I went out to one of the places I like to sit and have lunch in Copenhagen; The Cafe Cire in Valby. It is actually nothing special but I like to come there; I can usually get a window seat and be left alone, which is nice when you want to think or be working. I had my lunch and looked out the frozen windows looking at the cold weather and again speculating if was about to do the right thing moving far north again.

I left after the short lunch; staring at my tab and recognizing the different price level between Brussels and Copenhagen. It was time to say goodbye to Valby and have a last look at my apartment before I was heading to the airport and Brussels again; I was able to head in to my Brussels office if I made my plane from the Airport and I needed that.

williamsworld says:
How did I miss so much when I was there
Posted on: May 28, 2017
wandafromtexas says:
can't wait for your Coffee Collective on my 2nd cup, so you know, we should give them maybe 3-stars!
Posted on: Jul 10, 2013
ela3211 says:
any change that holds Scandinavia in it , is a good change, good luck my friend!
Posted on: Jan 23, 2013
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