Off to La Paz, and down to Saltar de Uyuni

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After the partying the previous night I somehow woke up in time to catch our flight to La Paz, not feeling to well but that was to be expected!

We gathered our stuff and off to the airport, Ouch my head....

We land in La Paz and right out of the plane I am starting to get the feeling that I am not going to like this place.

The taxi takes us to our guesthouse, which we only booked to be able to leave our stuff for a few hours and get food before our tour guide picks us up for the 12 hour journey down to Uyuni and the Salt Flats tour.

We get to the guesthouse and check in, the owner sees me and my brother but the reservation is for 1 room, 1 single bed.  He is confused and says 'we dont condone THAT stuff!' We reassure the owner that A) We are brothers B) We are only here for a few hours...

Now in Lima/Peru it was easy to get food, some decent place to sit and eat and relax.  Not La Paz, me and my brother trekked for atleast 30 minutes while being in the center of town and had to settle for some cafe.  During the walk the city is already getting on my nerves and its only been 30 minutes, all you hear is constant honking from taxis and when i say taxis i mean any car with 4 wheels, with a guy in the back yelling random locations in the city to pick up passangers.  I tell myself 'Only a few more hours Jeff' If it wasnt bad enough we get back to the guesthouse and the owner gives us a code for the internet never mentioning cost or anything we assume its free.  But we soon learn, from the owners response when we check out of 'OFCOURSE YOU HAVE TO PAY!' that there is nothing free here.  Although he was releaved that we werent sleeping there lol.

This place is everything completely opposite of Cusco, no free internet, no decent food, no peace and quite.  

No onto the trip down to Uyuni...

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La Paz
photo by: wilfredoc2009