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I had worked on this trip for months, and finally I am off to South America.  I am travelling with my twin brother, who lives near Boston in the States, and I have aranged perfectly to meet him in Miami airport and then off to Lima we go.

Set off from London and quickly I have learned that I hate American Airlines.  While all other global airlines have a wide range of entertainment from hit movies, to music to games that keep you occupied, for my 9 hr flight to Miami I had the choice of FIVE movies and a couple of shows none of which anyone would opt to watch voluntarily.  While all other airlines give you the freedom to watch movies and music when you want, at AA they want you to experience flying like it was 10 yrs ago and strictly time their movies so I had to wait 20 minutes to watch some Reese Witherspoon chick flick.

While stretching my feet and killing off the effects of further boredom I started a conversation with another traveller in the back of the plane, she was off to work on a cruiseline for 6 months so I was quite interested!  The chat was distracting me from a dull flight but little did I know that AA was about to kill the first enjoyment I got all flight.... A flight attendant, who was busy chatting herself with the rest of the crew nearby, peaked her head onto our side of the curtain and told us that 'we are not allowed to be standing and chatting in the aisles and back of the plane after September 11th terrorist attacks'.....  WHAT???? First of all we are just having a pleasant conversation to pass the time, we are not doing anything that YOU are not doing just 2 feet away.  Second, why would you give us such a bogus reason for us to stop talking, and equating us with terrorists? I have been on flights where I was chatting with flight attendants and other passagers to pass the time and this crancky bitch is just out of her mind.

Ok flight was over, landed in Miami, but the ridiculousness was not over... Now being a frequent flyer I know that most airport have specific routes for passagers to follow once off the plane for connecting flights, different from the ones passagers follow when they have arrived at their final destination.  NOT MIAMI! They make EVERYONE go through passport control before going throught the general security check AGAIN with everyone else who has just showed up for flights from Miami.  This is just bizarre and caused me to almost miss my flight.

Flying to Lima, 6 hrs, no entertainment, thanks AA for a delightful experience. 

sheba124 says:
Sure you don't like Reese Witherspoon flick chicks
Posted on: Jul 24, 2011
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