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Ok so, I got to spend a week just skiing and site seeing (some of the coolest things to do) in Zakopane, Poland.  If you have never heard of this place, its a ski resort almost right on Poland's southern border, and about 130 kilometers south of Krakow.  It really reminds me of Banff, Canada, which is another big ski resort.  Anyways, this town is AMAZING!!!  It was my first time being in Zakopane, and it was really nice to be with people who had been there before, and who knew where to go and what to do.  We really didn't do much besides ski, and walk around the town.  We went to two (2) different ski slopes, the first one "Centrum Narciarskie Nosal" (or "Nosal Ski Center") was really nice.  It has a nice little bunny hill for those who are just learning how to ski, and two (2) intermediate hills, and a bigger steeper hill.  The crowds were really not that bad, and the lines were shorter then other ski slopes I've been to.  The second ski slope that we were at was "Mała Ciche" (or "Small Sound," ya I don't think it makes much sense).  This place had only one slope and the crowd there was super long, or rather it was really really big, because there really wasn't a line we kind of all just shuffled in the same direction to the gate.  I would really suggest going here in the afternoon, because that way the line with be super oober short, and you won't have to wait in line for forever.  One time we waited to get through line for about 20 minutes the first time we were there, and the second time we were there it took about 45 seconds to get through line.  Highly recommended to go in the afternoon for skiing. 

The town itself is good, a lot to see.  While in town you have to try "oscypki/oscypek" its a cheese made from goats milk and only found in this region.  When they make it, they smoke it some how so that the taste is like a smoked taste, its very distinct and after trying the cheese I will never forget the taste.  There is also a rynek (farmers market) that is very enjoyable.  They have lots of fur blankets/coats or just fur in general, really cool. 

We also went hiking up into the mountains for half a day.  It was really cold, and very windy, we had a lot of fun.  Almost rode a cable car up the mountain but wasn't able to, :(  oh well. 

We also spent New Years in Zakopane.  It was amazing, we were on a hill over looking the town, and so we got to see 85% of all the fireworks that were set off around town.  So many people were setting them off everywhere, a few times some of the fireworks blew up still on the ground.  There were so many fireworks it was so cool. 

PS: I'm really not sure what to put on here, 'cause I've never really done a blog before.  So, we'll see how I do in future blogs.
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photo by: ela82