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sorry no pictures already. This one is from the internet

The feaver is on in Holland, it might really be possible that there is going to be THE iceskating tour from Friesland. If you are in holland at the end of the year, and it is going on, it is really worth a visit. Typical Dutch!


Holland is always in for ice skating, and when the temperature is low for already several days, the madness starts. Shops cannot deliver the demand of ice skates, people keep following the weatherforcast and the committee of the Elfsteden tocht will gather to see if the ice is already growing enough. It has to be thick enough of course. Under all the bridges there still is no ice at this moment. But they have a solution for it. In dutch they call it "Kluunen"  that means they put carpets and wood on the steep sides and over the road, so they will not damage their skates. This tour is legendary and it is not common to see this event. Really a lot of people are comming to Friesland at that special day. You are probably not able to park your car or sleep somewhere, it is really busy and cosy. A lot of music chapels will play funny music, you can have warm drinks.

this is the route they will follow
If you are in Holland at those days it really is something very special. I hope to go there when it is held this year.

Stad: Afstand: Totaal km: Start in Leeuwarden in het FEC. Vervolgens gaat het via de Zwette naar Sneek. 22 km 22 km Dan over de Geeuw naar IJlst 4 km 26 km Na IJlst over de Wijde en Nauwe Wijmerts en het Slotermeer naar Sloten 14 km 40 km Weer terug over het Slotermeer naar Balk waar de Luts begint. Dan via de Spokershoekvaart, Rijstervaart en de Warnser Vaart naar Stavoren. 26 km 66 km Via de Molkwerumer vaart en de Indijk of Kruissloot naar Hindeloopen 11 km 77 km Over de Oude Oostervaart naar Workum. 9 km 86 km Dan over de Workumertrekvaart naar Bolsward 13 km 99 km En over de Witmarsumervaart en de Harlingervaart naar Harlingen 17 km 116 km Vanuit Harlingen over de Sexbierumervaart naar Franeker 13 km 129 km Hier begint de "Hel van het Noorden" met eerst De Ried dan achtereenvolgens Berlikumerwiid, Moddergat, Blikvaart, Zuidhoekstervaart, Finkumervaart, door Bartlehiem over de Dokkumer Ee naar Dokkum. 47 km 176 km Vanuit Dokkum weer terug over Dokkumer Ee en Bartlehiem over de Oudkerkstervaart, Murk, Ouddeel naar de finish op de Bonke. 24 km 200 km

this information comes from the website: www.elfstedensite.nl

12 january 2010 it is very insecure at the moment. It has been snowing way too much in Friesland. First they want warm rain, and than a heavy period of frost. So let's cross our fingers that it will happen that way. It will be raining on monday!!

gejah says:
Ik ben bang deze maand niet meer. Maar de amerikaanse modellen geven nog heel koud weer in Februari. Dus daar hopen wij dan maar op. het water is in ieder geval goed afgekoeld.
Posted on: Jan 15, 2010
Suusj says:
Zou die er nog komen...
Posted on: Jan 15, 2010
Dr_Seuss says:
In Scotland it is cutomary when it is this cold for curlers to take part in the Grand Match, The Bonspeil, on the Lake Of Menteith. The ice has to be at least 7 inches (17.5cm) thick.

It was, but the match wasn't allowed to go ahead and cancelled for Health & Safety reasons because the polce guarantnee peoples safety or have ambulances there in case anyone got hurt. Totally nuts !!!
Posted on: Jan 12, 2010
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sorry no pictures already. This on…
sorry no pictures already. This o…
this is the route they will follow
this is the route they will follow
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