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Highlighting some of the things to do in the "City of Brotherly Love", as well as the meet-ups with TBers who come here, and any other things I've done here. But not really a travel blog, because I actually live and work here. :)

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May 8th, 2008Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
November 8th, 2008Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
January 16th, 2009Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
September 20th, 2009Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
January 4th, 2010Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
April 12th, 2010Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
April 29th, 2012Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
October 7th, 2012Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
July 30th, 2013Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
August 7th, 2013Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
December 17th, 2013Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
December 19th, 2013Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 3rd, 2015Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
November 28th, 2015Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
December 9th, 2015Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
December 31st, 2015Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
March 6th, 2016Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 14th, 2016Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 20th, 2016Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 26th, 2016Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
September 29th, 2016Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
December 19th, 2016Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
March 17th, 2017Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
October 17th, 2017Philadelphia, Pennsylvania