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Good morning world,

It's been a while since I updated this blog, but in my long absence many things happened. One of the first being my sister coming back from her eight month visit to Australia. With her she brought along many things, including a rather awesome pair of swimmingtrunks. The most important gift she had bought, a lonely planet book covering Indonesia didn't come into my possession until much later however. To be exact, at my twentieth birthday (05-04).

I also have been working on my visa and my necessary injections. This Tuesday I'll be collecting my visa, assuming everything goes well. The shots will have to wait a bit longer, because the waiting time is simply said ridiculous.

Because my plans included riding around Indonesia on a motor cycle as well I have been diligently working at getting my license. Naturually the government decided to change the laws and make it harder on me. Because now I also have to get my theory again even though I already have a regular driving license, joy oh joy. But it should still be possible to get it just in the nick of time!

My plans are also starting to form a bit. Since I intend to visit the majority of the archipelago I needed a rough draft afterall. Currently my idea is to spend  the first few days after arriving in Jakarta. Before quickly heading towards Northern Sumatra, where I will find a motor cycle and drive around the "Road with a thousand curves". Hopefully I will get to see some natural wildlife such as tigers and other big mammals here, because I have been told you could still find them there. After that I intend to head to Lake Toba and spend a few days at this blissful area.

Once my tan is sufficient I will travel towards Kalimantan, most likely by boat, but who knows what might happen! Here I intend to visit at least Tanjung Puting National Park and perhaps a cute little village or two. But I cannot linger too long, since I still have more than half of the archipelago waiting for me.

Sulawesi is the next on the list. Here I will definitely go diving at Bunaken Manado Tua Marine National Park and after that will most likely travel down the island towards Tana Toraja. I might just decide to visit the Togean Islands instead of visitting the ceremonies at Tana Toraja, but again nothing is certain! 

After Sulawesi, I will travel towards the beautiful Banda Islands. I will most likely only spend a few days at these islands before heading down towards Flores and Lombok. I will probably try to catch a glimpse of the komodo dragons while being in the area. But because I don't know how many days I'll have left at this point I might not do many of the things mentioned above.

I would probably have preferred it to spend a full year on the archipelago but sadly that's not possible. But even after seeing this much beauty already, my trip is not complete. Since who could call a visit to Indonesia complete without visitting Bali? So next on the list is the party-paradise Bali with it's moneymaking culture and luxurious hotels which I prefer to avoid.

The last couple of days before I need to head back home to the cold lands of Europe will be spend on Java, visitting all the major highlights and probably spend lots of hours shopping gifts for the people back at home. Since I am not sure if I really want to carry their gifts all over the archipelago. Yet none of these plans are final, because even though they are my general guideline. It's still possible I will follow a completely different route if a good alternative becomes apparent.

Who knows, I might bump into a great travelbuddy!
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Welcome to my first and so far only blog!

Today I finally managed to gather enough courage and more importantly,
money onto one account, to book my ticket to Jakarta, Indonesia!
Which means that starting from today I will be counting the days I have left,
before I spread my wings and travel to the other side of the world.

In this introduction I can't resist to quote Eduard Douwes Dekker, a dutch writer better known under the pseudonym Multatuli. Since I assumed the majority of readers wouldn't be able to understand Dutch, I decided to be kind and translate it for you.

"'t Prachtig rijk Insulinde dat zich daar slingert om den evenaar, als een gordel van smaragd."
"That beautiful empire, Insulinde which dangles itself there around the Equator, like a girdle of emerald."

P.S. Thanks for reading!
David says:
Welcome to TravBuddy
Posted on: Jan 05, 2010
lauro says:
good luck in travelling to a new world ^_^
Posted on: Jan 03, 2010
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