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It is day 4 and it is snowing.  I know that for most northern hemisphere people, this is an annual occurence that may not generate a whole lot of excitement, but for this Aussie Sheila it is quite a new experience.  It is relatively warm today, only minus 20, so I decided to brave the cold and make a 200 metre dash from my hotel to take a photo of Chairman Mao.  My hotel room overlooks the massive city circle with the imposing statue and I have been just waiting for the right time to attempt a photo shoot.  One thing I did learn is that new snow can be quite slippery, and not being used to walking in it I nearly toppled several times.  This city circle is one of Shenyang's busiest intersections so I had to navigate 7 lanes of merging traffic.  My hood and face masks adds a new danger as my vision is severley hampered, but I applied the 'just walk into the traffic at an even pace' and quite by magic the traffic just swirls around you (like water).  Reaching the centre of the circle I am immediately impressed by just how impressive the statue actually is.  Mao towers majestically 40 metres above an entire army of soldiers, peasants and children all marching valliantly forward under the one banner.  Yes, Chairman Mao will always and forever be their saviour.   
huibdos says:
Careful, not to break your beautiful nose when you slip and fall:)
Posted on: Jan 17, 2010
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photo by: theonionlady