Day Three: What Time Would You Like to Be Picked Up, Madame?

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I woke up bright and early after a very uneventful new year eve's celebration.  We have been traveling for the past three years on new year's eve and it has always been hit or miss.  Our first new year's eve was the best, we were dancing and counting down in the streets of Cozumel filled with locals and tourists.   I suspect all the fun and joy had to do with that famous carribean love for having a good time.  The year after that it was La Paz in Baja Mexico.  We found ourselves pretty much alone among a sea of locals who only wanted to drive their big trucks around downtown blasting Ranchero music.  To make matters worse we were staying on the main drag in a room with two sides of floor to ceiling windows which would vibrant due to all the loud bass the trucks were bumping.  This year it was our compulsory dinner and show which wasn't a huge hit either. 

It was a lazy day with nothing planned except my yoga class.  I set off at 9AM for class.  Since I didn't want to be late I took no chances and opted for the hotel shuttle instead of my now mosquito bitten feet.  The driver was extremely friendly and he dropped me off at my yoga class fifteen minutes early.  When I was getting out of the car he asked me, "What time would you like to be picked up, Madame?" and I stood there a bit frozen for a while and then I muttered that I would be walking back.  He had a puzzled look as he drove off and I wondered if I had been inpolite by saying I would walk back to the resort.  The exchange was an interesting culture shock for both of us.  I was feeling taken aback by his formality and level of service and he was probably taken aback by my American woman sense of freedom.  

At yoga class, the teachers were surprised to have me as I didn't email them to inform them of my arrival.  I found the meeting akward as I was intereviewed on my ashtanga mysore experience and told that they preferred payment in USD upfront for all the classes I intended to take while in Ubud.  Since I didn't go there with the intention of paying for everything up front I gave them $35 and said I would bring the rest later.  Once that was over I took my place in a nice corner I found with a view of the garden and the lush vegetation.  Sadly the spot was also coverted by these red ants which I though wouldn't bother me.  Through the class I was so nervous by the Ashtanga gurus that I forgot some of the sequence and had to be instructed like a rookie what is considered the basic parts of the routine.  Class was tough but I found doing yoga in the tropics wonderful for the body.  Every move was so much easier and my body seemed to melt into them easily.  Once class was over I noticed red mounds the size of pennies on my feet and lower calf.   It was a rough start for my yoga practice so I decided not to come back for more since Ubud had so much to offer and the morning classes would retrict us from doing many of the tours and classes.  Also, I was quite done with being bitten by red ants.  

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photo by: eddie8498