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Desire and I (Africancrab)

Did you make a New Year's Resolution? Perhaps to travel to exotic, exciting and far away destinations? For as long as I remember, I have thought of many resolutions, but they never left the chambers of my mind. I don't know many people who make resolutions and actually stick to them either. If you are one of those people who do, I should like to know how that works for you (something I might be inclined to do). On New Year's eve this year, I resolved to do one and only one thing: explore the continent of South America, I added all countries on this continent to my 'Bucket List'. That makes for a really long bucket list including countries like Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay, Guyana, French Guiana, and Suriname.

This is what our route looks like in the planning stages of our trip to Peru and Bolivia
The challenge remains to 'DO' to keep the resolutions. I think I shall need help from people who are good at making and keeping New Year Resolutions (smile!)

I read an article three days ago that talked of reasons why people do not keep their New Year resolutions. Part of the problem it said was that many people make resolutions to do only the things that they would otherwise not do given an option. My favorite example was that of a workaholic who resolves to spend more time in front of the television to keep away from work. Is it not true though how we use this time at the beginning of the year to try and change behaviors that have almost become bad manners? And that are really difficult to change? Well my resolutions seems to tie in with my love for travel, does that make it easier for me to keep? Time will tell. My Bucket List still exists and I hope I can catch up as time goes on. Eastern Europe remains unexplored for me, something I hope I can do after I make it to South America. My prayers resound and I sing as I believe music is what helps the spirit aspire to the beyond. My cardiologist thinks I'm a little crazy for having such big plans.

Africancrab says:
Alas Dave, I must admit I failed miserably. I did this only because I, thought have one resolution would be much more achievable than having 2 or 3. As it stands, I do better without plans or resolutions. Sad it may, I did not keep my resolution for 2010. I will not make one for 2011, I will let nature takes it's course. Good luck Dave.
Posted on: Dec 26, 2010
MrD3071 says:
I also find it hard to stick to my NYR's alas, however I feel I am getting that little bit closer each passing year. My ambitions for 2011 are pretty grand, lets see if my writing can express the fruition (or not) of my plans!
Posted on: Dec 26, 2010
Africancrab says:
Ha-ha! you better be joking because i should feel really bad if I went through what I thought was all of them only to find I missed Paraguay. :) thanks.
Posted on: Mar 25, 2010
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Desire and I (Africancrab)
Desire and I (Africancrab)
This is what our route looks like …
This is what our route looks like…
South America: Peru, Argentina, Bo…
South America: Peru, Argentina, B…