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Saturday, December 26, 2009

After breakfast this morning we decided to take a walk on the beach. Just as we stepped onto the beach we looked up in the trees to see tons of monkeys! They were white-faced monkeys. They were all pretty small and were there to get the free snacks that the hotel guests were bringing them from breakfast. Although there was a sign clearly posted not to feed them, and we were told it is illegal, and not at all good for the monkeys themselves, or the ecosystem of the country, people went right ahead and fed them anyways. They were so neat to watch. They would run from the top branches and make a leap of faith only to grasp onto whatever they could on the branches below.

They were chasing each other and playing, cleaning each other and sleeping. I especially liked when they would be walking along a branch and then all of a sudden plop down straddling the branch in a belly flop for a rest. There were even babies on their mother's backs. I spent entirely too long watching them and took way too many pictures. We even positioned our beach chairs with our backs to the pool so we could watch the monkeys play in the trees.

In the afternoon we booked a sunset cruise. We boarded a double decker boat with a few other people from the resort. Then we drove over to the sister resort and picked up a few more. Rosa and the captain (pronounced Ca-Pee-Tan) took us out of the bay. They served us Guaro which is the national drink of Costa Rica.

It is sort of like Vodka. We also had fresh fruit and nachos. There were a lot of kiddos on the boat though and they were like nacho vultures. We rode past a neat little island that called "Gorilla Island". It looks like King Kong's head coming right out of the ocean. The closer you get to it the more like a gorilla it looks. The cactus' growing on it even makes it look like he has fur. After that we rode around a bit waiting for the sun set. You could see the mountains and volcanoes in the distance. We could even see the coast of Nicaragua from where we were. The sun set was beautiful and everyone was having great time. Some of the folks had a few too many Guaro drink and decided to jump in the ocean. It was funny though. The boys were having a back flip competition off the side of the boat. One even busted out a standing full.

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Gorilla Island
Gorilla Island
Gulf of Papagayo
photo by: mandijoy14