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The best pizza you can get at 2 a.m.! :) National beers: Cristal and Bucanero and a cuban sort of soda: Malta.

My first days in Cuba were pretty unique and exciting, but now was time to work. Or better, study. It's not easy having your first spanish class on monday morning, specially when you're on vacation. Even harder if you went out on the night before, drank a few Mojitos, danced reggaeton and went sleep around 3 a.m. I'm on vacation for God's sake, why do I have to get up at 7 a.m.??? Ok, I was the one who had this wonderful idea to use my free time to learn something. Ok, it will be good for my future, it's important for me to speak spanish. But the classes could start at 10 a.m. Ok, I'll try to convince my teacher to arrive later. But now I have to get up. After having this struggle to myself to get out of the bed, I went to take a shower.

Me, Eric, Marta, Eva and Steffi at Marta's kitchen
When I was ready to have breakfast, my teacher was already there - I would take classes at home. But my class would start at 8 a.m., and now was 7:30 a.m. Why is she here so early? Anyway, I was ready and I love breakfast. Just couldn't wait to see what expected me. There was fresh guava juice, toast with butter and home-made jelly (pumpkin with coconut, delicious!), coffee, milk and dulce de fruta bomba* (OMG, that was my favorite!! And responsible for at least 2 of the 4 pounds I gained ;)) *Note on that: it's a sweet made from papaya. But in Cuba people DON'T say papaya, they refer to the fruit as "fruta bomba". Papaya is used to name a female part ;)

At the kitchen table, the mother and her son weren't there anymore. They went to a hotel.

Eric, Eva, Steffi and I at El Conchinito
It was just for the weekend, anyways, because an another guest was expected. And then I met my new roommate, a german girl who was there also to learn spanish. But she didn't know any word in spanish and I had to work as a translator so she and Marta could communicate. The thin girl didn't eat almost anything and Marta didn't like it. Latins can be really mad at you if you don't eat what they prepared for you. So, better eat it! :)

The girl left to her class and I started mine. My teacher was an older lady, very professional and kind. Even though I was not in my best shape this first day, my portuguese saved my back :) It was so hard to be awake the whole morning, that I had to take some cups of coffee to remain awake, even not being big fan of it. At 12 p.m. the class was finished so I went back to bed to take a nap. ;)

Around dinner time, 2 girls came visiting Marta. And then I met my new hermanitas :) Actually they were identical twins from Switzerland, Eva and Stephanie. Steffi has been already to Cuba some years ago and met Marta and Eric at that time. They already had a place to stay, but were checking if there was a room available at Marta's place to move in. That would be possible in a few days coz the other girl would leave on friday. We became immediately friends and went to a place just across the street called "El Conchinito" where you could have a meal and some Bucaneros - cuban bier.

On the next day, we met after the spanish class to go to our first Salsa class.

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The best pizza you can get at 2 a.…
The best pizza you can get at 2 a…
Me, Eric, Marta, Eva and Steffi at…
Me, Eric, Marta, Eva and Steffi a…
Eric, Eva, Steffi and I at El Conc…
Eric, Eva, Steffi and I at El Con…
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