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The Hotel Nacional in the back and two cuban symbols - their flag and a Lada ;)

"Why Cuba?" someone asked me, just like I've been also asked before "Why India" or "Why Germany". I think there is some kind of magic and mistery involving this island in the Caribbean. Partly because of its political background which contains two of the most important characters of our recent history: Ernesto "Che" Guevara and Fidel Castro. Partly because of its paradise scenario and latin flavour. For me, it was just a matter of time to go to this unique place but I wanted to go so soon as possible, because I wanted to see it as it is today, and not after drastic political and economical changes.

In fact, it wasn't in my plans to go there in March. In this time I was intending to host some friends from abroad and travel together with them within Brazil.

Vintage american cars
But a major change of plans made that not possible. So, I started to work on a "Plan B", after all, I had to take these days off coz it was already set with my company. As I work for an airline, I just had to point out somewhere at the globe, check if my company flies there or has an agreement with some other which goes there and that's it ;) Ok, - starting to look at the globe - in this time of the year, Australia and New Zealand would be awesome ... but I only have 2 weeks, it's too far away... let's see, a warm place, not so far from here, hmmm, Cuba could be it... let's check, yep, no hurricanes in this time of the year :) I talked to my best friend - we've always wanted to go to Cuba together - but in such short notice she couldn't join me.
El guagua
I hesitated a little bit, the idea of going alone and spend two weeks there wasn't so appealing to me. But on the other hand, it would be a great opportunity to be on my own on a foreign country and discover everything by myself.

As the idea was becoming more and more real, I started to think: What can I do there for two weeks? And I remembered all these ads from travel agencies which you can combine learning a foreign language with some activity. And it was clear to me: I would improve my spanish and learn salsa! So, I checked several language schools which provide this service and decided for one located in Germany! It seemed reliable and had a good deal including spanish lessons and accomodation. I had to pay for everything in advance so, good that I could rely on my dear german fellows ;) Now that this part has been taken care of, I just have to get my visa, flight tickets, pack everything and Cuba here I go! :)

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The Hotel Nacional in the back and…
The Hotel Nacional in the back an…
Vintage american cars
Vintage american cars
El guagua
El guagua
photo by: mario26