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A friend of mine says he has great luck with bad luck.  I think that applies to me as well because what started out looking like a problem turned out to be a true blessing.

We woke at 5:30 to a spectacular view from our balcony. The sky was clear and the sun on the Alps was magnificent! I’d misread the clock and thought it was 6:30 so we got up. When we discovered our error, we decided to try for the first run up the mountain. Fortunately, I checked voicemail and found that John was desperately trying to contact me about some documents I had to sign. He wanted to know where to fax them. This was really a problem because we'd planned on continuing our wanderings and had no Idea where we'd spend the night or whether we'd have access to a fax machine! The desk clerk hadn’t come in yet so we put our suitcases in the car, confirmed that the hotel had a fax, then asked one of the kitchen staff to tell the clerk when she arrived that we wanted to stay another night.

Having done all we could, we talked to the Bahnhof to get the first train.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t making the early run this morning since it only runs when enough people reserve in advance. We returned to the hotel and found the desk clerk who’d arrived in the meantime and checked in to the room that had been unavailable the night before, on the top floor right in front. I voicemailed John to tell him to have the fax sent, then we ate breakfast and took the 9:05 train. The 45-minute trip was fabulous on a 2-car, steam-driven cog railroad train to the top. The train makes two stops, the last of which is still short of the top and it’s quite a climb to the summit. Linda has severe acrophobia and was pretty nervous so she stayed pretty close to a building while I wandered around.

Wow, what a view!! We couldn’t possibly have had a better day for it; the air was like crystal!  I strongly recommend this place!

I’d have stayed forever but Linda was eager to get down and I had the commitment to John so we took the train down at 12:00. I called with the fax number at the hotel.  I read the fax own by the lake and called them back with my comments and approval, then rowed a boat around and swam a bit. The lake is cold. As I said, the business issue was a blessing; it prevented us from leaving without fully enjoying St. Wolfgang.

Linda and I drove to Ströbel and then St. Gilgen but neither were as nice as St. Wolfgang; we’d really lucked out! On arriving back in St. Wolfgang, I dropped Linda in town, took the car back to the hotel and walked back as Linda changed some money.

I joined her and we ate at the Hotel Peter. We had great (spicy) potato soup. Linda had fish and I had "skewer". We walked back to the hotel and found a zillion people on the terrace loudly talking something I didn’t recognize, perhaps Hungarian. We finished the day sitting on our balcony watching the colors change on the Alps across the lake. Great day. At some time during the night, I saw fires lit on the mountainside in the form of a huge image of a cross with a crown over it. Neat! I wonder what it was about...

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Saint Wolfgang
photo by: pathfynder