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No rain today, just cold yet clear skies

The day after Christmas is another big celebration in Hungary. While the Christmas Eve celebration is limited to immediate family, the day after Christmas is spent with more distant relatives. This day is devoted to having dinner with relatives you didn’t see on Christmas Eve.

We woke up to blue skies and sunshine. No threat of rain in sight. We were spending the day after Christmas, not shopping as we would at home, but with more family. We drove to the Buda hills to our aunt and uncles house and had a meal with 25 other people. Again, finger desserts and alcohol were served. The highlight of the visit was spending time with Gabanini, my father-in-law’s 95 year old aunt, God love her she is so special and sweet. She spent a good while talking to me and eventhough i didn't really understand what she was saying, i really didn't need to.

Budapest Castle at night

We lit more sparklers, sang some Hungarian Christmas songs (i just hummed), exchanged more gifts and had more food (I’m really going to have to go on a diet when I get home).  The meal was immense. We had fish soup, chicken, a pork loin stuffed with sausage, various potato salads, beets, corn salad and dill bean salad, to name just a few items on the menu. After successfully gorging myself to oblivion, we sat at the table and talked and had more drinks.

We headed back home for a nap. We woke up around 8:30 and had plans to watch a friend play some live music at one of the bars/clubs in the city. The Jam Pub is on the Buda side of the city and is located in a massive mall. A bit of an unusual location for a club, but our friend was playing so we went anyway.

Live music at the Jam Pub in Pest
It’s Saturday night and the bar is almost packed. It’s also a restaurant. We weren’t too hungry so I didn’t even check out the menu. We got a table by the stage that was reserved for musicians. Perfect, because the place was getting to be standing room only.

Our friend was the drummer and when he put on a 12 inch afro, I couldn’t stop laughing for the next 15 minutes. The band, Funky Stuff, was surprisingly good. They played some retro disco cover songs which was fun because the crowd really got into the music and started dancing. A few of the songs I could pick up a hint of the Hungarian accent but the keyboard and saxophone player were quiet talented and lively. You could tell they were having a great time and wanted you to have a good time too.
The bar at the Jam Pub
They played a fairly long set and by the time they finished, the place was packed, mostly young people but also older ones too. The older ones had dinner first and decided to stay for the entertainment. I think they enjoyed the show just as much as the kids on the dance floor.

Another band was to play and while changing the equipment on the stage, the DJ played some music. It was an interesting blend of Hungarian hip hop and some mainstream American hip hop. The kids enjoyed it because the dance floor was really moving. I was tempted to get up and dance.

It was getting pretty late and the smoke from all the cigarettes was getting to us so we decided to leave. I’m not one for disco or cover bands, but besides all the smoke, I had a great time here. It’s a great place to have a drink and watch some very talented Hungarian musicians.

montecarlostar says:
Don't they call this day "Boxing Day" in Britain?
Posted on: Jan 07, 2010
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No rain today, just cold yet clear…
No rain today, just cold yet clea…
Budapest Castle at night
Budapest Castle at night
Live music at the Jam Pub in Pest
Live music at the Jam Pub in Pest
The bar at the Jam Pub
The bar at the Jam Pub
photo by: Chokk