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So we made the mistake of going out instead of packing our bags for our return flight. Instead of getting a good night's sleep we stayed up late and got to bed around 2 a.m. Our wakeup call for the ride to the airport was 4 a.m. to catch the 7 a.m. flight. Needless to say I was little tired, a little loopy and not looking forward to the long flight back home.

We made it to Amsterdam without a hitch, smooth with little stress to the next gate. Unfortunately, our luck would change. Because of some idiot who tried to blow up a plane on Christmas, we had to go through an extensive security process. There are people in the world who try to convey their thoughts and beliefs on people who have nothing to do with their political or religious agendas and put innocent lives at risk. Nevertheless, some a-hole caused us to have a security screening lasting almost 2 hours.

Before boarding the plane, each individual was searched and every carry on bag was emptied out and examined thoroughly. This would have been fine and dandy but our carry on baggage was packed to maximum density and once everything was taken out, there was no way that it would fit back in without something getting completely mashed or broken. It took security about 5 minutes to take everything out, but about 20 minutes to get everything back in. It was a hassle but a necessary evil.

I was anticipating sleeping through the whole flight, but KLM decided to give us the individual media screens where we could pick and choose the movies and entertainment that we wanted. No es bueno when I want to get sleep. I skimmed through the choices and found that I wanted to watch more than 2 movies. Ok, no sleep for the wicked, so between watching movies, complimentary drinks and meals, I got a total of 20 minutes of sleep on a 10 hour flight. Tired and exhausted, I stayed awake because I was thoroughly entertained, by the Hangover, Julie and Julia, This Is It and District 9. Oh well, it was only Saturday and I didn’t have to get back into the grind until Monday.
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