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I went to istanbul in July of 2009 and it wasn't my first time,I saw many changes there,honestly I can say I loved the Istanbul of 5 years ago more, I don't want to write about these changes right now though,in the previous trips to Istanbul we reserved a hotel near  Taqsim sq. but this time I reserved a hotel in Sirkeci as I wanted to be near my friend who was supposed to be there 3 days after my arrival, in the second day I decided to go to Istiklal st. to  visit the orthodox church  I couldn't remember how to use the public transportation,so I told myself:"well it's near ,it won't take a lot of$,let's catch a  taxi!"I went to the taxi station infront of blue mosque(sultan ahmet) ,the sharp increase during the course of my ride ,even when we were stopped because of the traffic ,made me surprised.when we arrived the taximeter showed 30 L (the guy at the hotel reception told me later it shouldn't take more than 15 Lira) and the taxi driver changde the number to 40 and said "traffic,40 Lira!!!".my experience told me there is no point in arguing with someone who  doesn't speak your language  so I gave him 100 L of paper money and waited for my 60 L,He asked for 10 L again and I thought he wants another 10 L to give me back a 50L  and a 20 L so I gave him another 10 L ,Voila!the tragedy started after that!I saw he put that 100 L under his seat and asked me again for another 30 ,I was shocked and asked him the reason , he said :you gave me just 10! now 30more ! I told him that I gave you 100 L at first but it was so easy for him to deny!!well  we discussed about 15 min (he  was yelling at me all the time!)I  told him to take me to the police but he pushed me out of his taxi.I memorized the taxi number and went to the police straightly,they couldn't understand what I say so I went back to the hotel and the hotel receptionist who was really lovely called the police .I don't know whether they did anything about that guy or not but I saw him at the same place again 3 days after what happened to me .I did hear some stories like that(not as horrible as mine) about the taxis when I talked to the other  tourists at my if u are planning to go to Istanbul, be very careful about the taxis .most of the taxi drivers expect you a tip as a tourist but remember they already charged you more than locals  and the last advice:always have a map and ask the taxi driver to show you the route he is taking,he may take you to the whole of city for a desitination which is just 2 km  far away from your hotel, such a waste of your time and money!.anyways I also can remember some great and kind drivers  and it's  unfair if I say all the taxi drivers act like this.
nikki2010 says:
yep,my bad!
Posted on: Jan 10, 2010
dothoin says:
ALWAYS ask the price 1st and agree on it ...Istanbul isn't the only city that has rip-off taxi drivers
Posted on: Jan 10, 2010
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